Chapter 138 - The Truth

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Chu Yi was very important to Su Jin. Su Jin treated Chu Yi as a brother, a brother who stayed by his side through thick and thin, even risking his own life to protect him. Su Jin, Chu Yi and Kano Mai had supported each other in every way and got through many difficult trials together.

Ju Xinlan was terrified by how angry Su Jin was. Her lips were pale and she didn’t dare to respond to him at all.

“I said, explain yourself! If you don’t seize this chance, then you shall have to die!” Su Jin’s voice was as frosty as a demon from hell as a murderous rage surged through his body.

Ju Xinlan swung from being terrified to becoming angry at Su Jin’s threat, before finally going completely insane. She started shrieking wildly, “And why should I have to die? Why? He did that to me, so I’ve just done to him what he deserves! Why can’t I do that?”

“He did what to you?” Su Jin narrowed his eyes and did not believe Ju Xinlan at all. He was very sure that Chu Yi would never have done something like this to another person.

Ju Xinlan wasn’t done. She continued to shriek, “Hypocrites! You’re all nothing but hypocrites! In the library, the three ladies were supposed to seduce those guards and lead them away. Look at what happened in the end! I was nearly violated! He went to save this little wench first instead of me! He left me all by myself to be violated by two animals! Do you know how much despair I was in at that time? I’m just…I’m just letting him have a taste of that same sort of despair!”

Su Jin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This woman had decided to do something so insane because of her misunderstanding of the situation.

“That’s…that’s not what happened. At that time, Mr. Chu felt that Chen Duo was in greater danger, so he chose to save her first. But he didn’t waste any time and ran to save you after he had settled Chen Duo’s side,” said Shen Hongjiang.

“He didn’t waste any time? That’s bullshit! You think I don’t know? He wanted to get back at me because I argued with his team leader! I know all about that! I know all about that!!” she continued to shriek in rage.

Everyone felt that Ju Xinlan was just being unreasonable now. Su Jin laughed bitterly. Poor, poor Chu Yi. To think he ended up in such a state because of a woman like that.

“Well, if that’s your reason, then you’re still going to die!” Su Jin raised his katana. Since she hadn’t come up with a good reason for doing this to Chu Yi, she still deserved to die.

Ju Xinlan retreated in horror, but it was no use. If she could dodge Su Jin’s sword, then these Challenges wouldn’t be a problem to her.

But just before his sword struck her, she shouted, “There’s hope for him! There’s hope for him!”

Su Jin’s katana stopped just half a finger above her head. She continued, “He’s got a vaccine! With a vaccine, he’ll be saved!”

His eyes lit up. He had been too angry and had forgotten all about this. He turned to look at Professor Charlemagne and said, “Prof, please hand over the vaccine.”

The professor stared at Su Jin and said, “I can’t do that. This is the only one available in the world. I can’t give it to you.”

“You can see the state my friend is in yourself. He really needs the vaccine, so please, please help us,” pleaded Su Jin.

The professor shook his head again. “Please calm down. You know what a vaccine does, right? Have you seen someone use a vaccine on a person who has already been infected with the virus? It’s useless to him.”

Su Jin continued to hold his ground. “As long as there’s hope, I’m willing to try anything. Please help us, Professor. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The old man had seen what sort of superhuman strength Su Jin had and he immediately took a step back in fear when he heard Su Jin threaten him. “There’s no point in hurting me. I can only say…I can only tell you that what I’m holding onto will not help him.”

“In that case, you’re leaving me with no choice.” Su Jin didn’t want to waste any time talking to the professor, so he grabbed hold of the old man and said to Kano Mai, “Mai, search him!”

Kano Mai quickly found the vaccine but the professor seemed to have gone insane. He struggled like crazy and bellowed, “Give it back to me! You don’t know what that is! Give it back to me! That’s the last hope for mankind!”

Su Jin ignored the old man. He had a bigger problem now. The vaccine only came in a vial and he had no idea how to inject it into Chu Yi’s body. Zheng Lei suddenly came forward with a small box in hand. There were actually syringes inside.

“I found a small first aid kit in the library and thought it might come in handy, so I brought it along,” explained Zhang Lei.

“Thank you!” Su Jin thanked him.

The professor immediately yelled out, “Su Jin, stop right there! If you administer that shot to him, you’d kill him!”

Su Jin paused and turned to look at the professor. The professor did not look like he was kidding. Su Jin wasn’t stupid and was the brains of the team for a good reason. Normally, he would have remained calm no matter what, but his worry for Chu Yi made him lose his cool. But after looking at the expression on the professor’s face, he realized that something might be amiss.

The professor looked at Su Jin with a pleading look in his eye. “Please, that’s the last hope for humanity.”

Su Jin furrowed his brows and suddenly realized what was going on. He stared straight at the professor and said, “This isn’t a vaccine at all is it?”

Everyone’s eyes widened as Su Jin continued, “You’ve been telling me all this time that this thing is the hope for all humanity, the hope for this world. So…this thing does have something to do with humans. If you’re now telling me that giving it to Chu Yi will kill him, that means this thing isn’t a vaccine. It’s poison, isn’t it?”

The professor had a bitter look on his face. Su Jin went on, “Because if this were actually a vaccine and you managed to get it to the Safe Zone to produce it in bulk, the only thing it would achieve would be that humans no longer need to worry about turning into zombies, but they would still be attacked by zombies. The sheer number of zombies in the world are too many for the few humans left to fight off.”

“Therefore, if this thing is truly the hope for mankind and the world, the only possibility is that this is poison. Making it in bulk can kill zombies and mutants!”

After Su Jin finished speaking, the professor nodded silently. He sighed and said, “You’re right. This is poison. But it’s hope to humans.”

“But this thing has an effect on humans too, doesn’t it?” remarked Su Jin.

The professor shuddered as he stared at Su Jin in disbelief. He couldn’t understand how Su Jin would have known about that.

Su Jin said in a matter-of-fact voice, “Did you think it would be hard to reach that conclusion? Like you said, it’s poison, but it’s also something very precious to humans. Yet, you hid it away and called it a vaccine. The only reason why you would do this is because this thing is very dangerous. It’s dangerous to both humans and zombies alike.”

“Everything comes with a risk. The Key to Immortality was once known as man’s greatest invention, something that could give humans immortality. But look at what happened in the end. The Key to Immortality did not bring eternal life, but disaster instead. Humans ought to understand that benefits and risk always come together,” said Professor Charlemagne slowly.

But Su Jin merely scoffed. “Is that so? I don’t think the same way. I’m afraid that the thing that brought disaster upon mankind wasn’t the Key to Immortality, but those who hated the Key to Immortality, right?”

The professor’s eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. “What…what do you know?”

“It’s very obvious. There was nothing wrong with the Key to Immortality, but some people hated it. They had a different philosophy in life and they probably supported the natural cycle of life instead, believing that it was correct for all life to eventually die. Someone ended up doing something to the Key to Immortality, and that’s what caused the problem we have today!” said Su Jin firmly.

“That’s a load of gibberish!”

“That’s a load of gibberish? In order to develop a poison against the zombies, one must have done a lot of experiments, right? Let’s put aside the ethics or whether you had the resources to begin with for the moment. Even if you had full access to resources, then where would you start from? How would you know what would kill the zombies? By examining the zombies? If doing that could result in a poison that could kill the zombies, the governments would have come up with one by now.”

“So, if the zombies weren’t a good place to start, then what would be? It would be much easier to come up with such a poison if you knew what went wrong with the Key to Immortality in the first place, right?” Su Jin was like a storyteller, revealing the alarming truth with such a calm voice.

The professor looked like a deflated balloon and his face fell as he murmured, “So, I couldn’t hide it forever. I couldn’t hide what I did after all.”

“Prof, I don’t care about what you’ve done and I don’t care what will happen to this world. All I want to know is, can my brother here still be saved?” It was true that Su Jin didn’t care about this world since he didn’t belong to it. But he needed to know if there was hope for Chu Yi.

The old man shook his head immediately. “I’ve done a lot of experiments and the conclusion is no. Anybody bitten by a zombie will get the virus and there’s no hope for the person after that.”

Su Jin looked at Chu Yi, whose face was all pale from the spread of the virus in his body. If his Spirit Power had not been sealed off, he might have been able to hold it off. But now…he was slowly but surely turning into a zombie.

“Mai, tie Chu Yi up and make sure he can’t move. Regardless of what happens, I’m bringing him back,“Su Jin said to Kano Mai.

She nodded and found a rope to tie Chu Yi up. Ju Xinlan started yelling again, “You can’t bring him along! He’s already turned into a zombie!”

Su Jin scoffed and glowered at Ju Xinlan, “I almost forgot about you. But I’m too lazy to kill you now.”

Just after she breathed a sigh of relief, he continued, “But you’re not allowed to board the plane. You can stay here and wait to die!”

“No! No! You can’t do that! You can’t abandon me! I have the right to get onto the plane! That’s my right as a human being!” Ju Xinlan went into a panic. If she were left behind, she would definitely die.

“Miss Ju Xinlan, I think you’re mistaken about something here. I’m not obliged to observe any of your rights as a human,” said Su Jin frostily.

Her face turned a whiter shade of pale. Of course she knew that. But she was desperately trying to find a reason for him to bring her along so that she didn’t have to die here. She had done a very stupid thing indeed, a stupid deed that was going to cost her life now.

“No! Whether I get to board the plane or not is not entirely up to you! I want everyone to vote!” yelled Ju Xinlan very loudly after taking a deep breath.

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