Ep.164: Same Kind

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Su Jin ran toward Ye Yun and waved at her before saying unhappily, “You’re a real tyrant, aren’t you? First, you went around S City to challenge martial artists, and now you’re fighting gangsters on Cloud Mountain? Very fierce, but very unbecoming too!”

But Ye Yun didn’t realize he was teasing her and panicked when she saw him. “You…you silly boy! Run! Run as fast as you can! You shouldn’t be here at all!”

She was frantic because she had been trying to keep her distance from the people closest to her so that they wouldn’t be implicated. To her horror, Su Jin had managed to track her down.

“They’re not ordinary humans, so even if you’re a martial arts expert, you’re no match for them!” she yelled at him.

Alex had a strange smile on his face when he saw Su Jin and said to an owner next to him, “Get him.”

The owner nodded slightly and dashed toward Su Jin. Ye Yun got a shock and clenched her teeth as she turned herself into smoke again, hoping to kill that owner before he got to Su Jin.

“Ye Yun, do you have no regard for me?” Alex’s voice resounded in her ears even though she had become nothing but smoke. A brilliant beam of purple light shot out from Alex’s body and turned into several screens that formed a box around Ye Yun.

She had no choice but to revert to her original form within the box. She shouted, “Su Jin, run!!”

Su Jin pretended not to have heard her and cupped a hand behind his ear as he asked, “What? What did you say?”

“She told you to run! But it’s too late!” The owner was now in front of Su Jin and he reached out to grab Su Jin by the shoulders.

Su Jin stumbled back with a frightened look on his face. Alex was pleased to see their interaction, because he knew that Ye Yun was the sort of person who would do anything for the sake of someone she cared for.

After the owner grabbed hold of Su Jin, Su Jin did not put up any resistance and allowed the owner to knock him out with a hit to the back of his neck, then let the owner drag him all the way back toward Alex. Ye Yun had a look of dismay on her face and she was extremely anxious as well, but with Alex around, it was difficult for her to get to Su Jin. In fact, once she realized that Alex was among the owners hunting her down, she already figured that she probably couldn’t get away this time.

Alex wasn’t a particularly powerful owner, even though it was true that he was considered pretty powerful among a group of average owners. The problem was that his Spirit Power happened to be one that could counter hers. This purple light was a very pure sort of energy and she couldn’t pass through it even after turning into a cloud of smoke. Moreover, there were two more veterans in the crowd, so it was going to be hard for her to escape her fate today.

But even if it was going to be difficult for her to escape, she would rather die alone than to implicate Su Jin. She gritted her teeth, then suddenly flung her ax at one of the purple screens Alex had used to surround her.

“Ye Yun, you’re asking for it!” roared Alex angrily. When Ye Yun’s ax hit the screen, a burst of energy impacted all the screens, which made them flicker a few times. The screens did not fall apart, but Alex’s face paled visibly.

“Let go of him! If you don’t, I’ll self-implode! I’m sure the impact from that is enough to make sure you die with me! Other people might not know, but I know that your Spirit Power is actually tied to your life. If it’s impacted, you get hurt. If I shatter it, you’d die!” Ye Yun threatened Alex.

Su Jin felt a warmth in his heart when he heard what Ye Yun said. There was no reason not to feel touched when a girl was willing to sacrifice her life in order to save you, after all.

Alex had a nasty expression on his face as he responded in a hostile voice, “Ye Yun, did you think I would come after you without making sufficient preparations? I brought these two along just for you!”

The other two veterans immediately ran over and pressed their hands against the purple screens, causing a yellow glow to fill the box that entrapped Ye Yun.

“Numbing Spirit Power? It’s a rare Spirit Power, but he doesn’t have enough to numb someone at my level!” sneered Ye Yun.

“That’s why I brought my other friend along. His Spirit Power can increase another veteran’s Spirit Power upper limit temporarily by a lot. Like I said, I’ve prepared very well for today,” said Alex with a smirk.

Ye Yun’s expression fell and she quickly started activating her own Spirit Power. If she was going to self-implode, she was going to make sure she brought Alex down with her.

But she nearly lost her balance when she tried to activate her Spirit Power. The Numbing Spirit Power of the veteran outside the box had already taken effect. She did her best to keep herself from collapsing and looked at Su Jin from inside the box with an apologetic look in her eyes.

Just then, she saw Su Jin wink at her, even though he was supposed to be unconscious. She thought she was mistaken, but she could also clearly see a silver spark in his eyes.

The owner holding onto Su Jin suddenly let go of Su Jin and leaped toward Alex like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. Alex’s attention was focused on Ye Yun and he didn’t expect one of his own to attack him either. The owner’s fists landed on Alex and caused Alex to stumble and fall forward.

Su Jin already had his Boning Knife in hand, so he unleashed the Attack of the Demon Lord and stabbed the knife into the purple screens.

“AHHH!” Alex shrieked in pain and he was no longer able to maintain those screens around Ye Yun. The other owners realized that Su Jin was dangerous and started running toward him.

“Now!” Su Jin yelled as he sent his psychokinesis surging toward all the other owners. These ordinary owners could not hold up against his Spirit Power and froze on the spot.

Su Jin spat a mouthful of blood out. He wasn’t at a level to control the movement of 27 owners simultaneously for long. A few seconds later, he had to cut off his supply of psychokinesis.

But those few seconds were enough for him to get to Ye Yun and carry her out of the range of the other veteran’s Numbing Spirit Power.

“Are you okay?” Su Jin asked.

Ye Yun nodded and stared at him in disbelief as she said, “That…that was psychokinesis? But…but why…why do you have…that’s…that’s…”

“That’s Spirit Power, I know! You silly girl, haven’t you figured it out yet? We’re all owners!” Su Jin shook his head exasperatedly. This girl was usually very intelligent but she seemed so confused now. Did that numbing energy also numb her brain?

But Ye Yun was really shocked that Su Jin had turned out to be an owner just like herself. Su Jin also realized that he didn’t have any right to laugh at her either. He never explained his struggles to her either and it took him a long time to figure out that she was probably a Handbook owner as well.

“What a pleasant surprise, isn’t it? Aren’t you happy to hear that I’m an owner just like you?” Su Jin wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“It is a surprise, but it’s a bit hard to be happy in this situation, my dear cousin!” said Ye Yun with a depressed sigh.

“Don’t worry, your cousin is right here! Are you able to move on your own now?” asked Su Jin with a laugh. They were up against too many people, so even though he managed to rescue Ye Yun earlier, they were still not safe yet.

Ye Yun pulled herself out from Su Jin’s embrace. She seemed normal again after she took a deep breath. “I’m fine,” she said to Su Jin. “That guy’s numbing powers aren’t very powerful and it doesn’t affect me for very long either, so I’m good to go.”

Alex did not dare to approach the pair so quickly now. He said angrily, “Ye Yun, I’m sure you know that anybody whom we target will not be able to get away. If you are willing to leave with me now, I can pretend that I never saw this fellow. Otherwise…you might be able to get away today, but I guarantee you, this man is going to die a horrible death.”

Ye Yun’s expression grew grim. She knew that Alex wasn’t making empty threats. This organization was very difficult to deal with, so even though Su Jin was an owner, it would be hard for him to get away from them once he became a target.

Su Jin glanced at Ye Yun and he could guess what she was worried about. He said, “Look, sacrificing yourself is touching the first time, but not anymore the second time. I’m already a target of theirs, so it doesn’t matter either way.”

“You’re already a target of theirs?” Ye Yun was surprised.

“Uh huh. I killed a number of their people in a warehouse in the suburbs of S City, so I’m pretty sure I’m quite high on their list now,” said Su Jin nonchalantly. If Situ Jin hadn’t appeared in time the last time, his family would be dead by now as well.

Alex looked at Su Jin and raised his eyebrow slightly. He suddenly recalled something and smacked his head lightly as he said, “Oh! I did hear about how some of our companions were wiped out in the 7th universe. So it was you! I wanted to hunt you down later after settling Ye Yun, but you’ve actually come knocking on our door first.”

“Well, since I’ve already killed a bunch in S City, I suppose killing another bunch is the next natural course of action for me, especially since you’ve actually dared to touch my girl,” said Su Jin with an arrogant sneer, as if he was one of those billionaire CEOs in a romance drama.

“Don’t spout nonsense like that, will you,” grumbled Ye Yun even as she clutched a corner of his shirt and leaned against him.

Alex was even more enraged now. He nodded and scoffed loudly. “Fine! Excellent! You ambushed me earlier, so you had the upper hand. Now, I’m going to see how two of you are going to fight all 30 of us!”

He raised his sword and a purple light instantly covered it, making it seem like it had grown ten times bigger. The other owners also raised their favorite weapons.

“Mai, can you help with the ordinary owners,” Su Jin said to Kano Mai over the phone.

“No problem. I can handle the ordinary ones.” Kano Mai had caught up with Su Jin by this time and had found herself a good vantage point. As the team’s sniper, her role was to help take out the enemy from a distance.

Ye Yun had no idea who Su Jin was talking to, but she took a step forward to shield him and whispered, “I’ll stall them, you run!”

“What? You want me to run like a coward after I made such a cool statement? That would be so embarrassing for me,” said Su Jin as he shook his head. He took a step forward to stand in front of Ye Yun as he kept away his Boning Knife and took out the Demon Lord’s Longbow and his Gold Armor instead.

“Aha! You’re all within range! Now, bow to my Air of an Overlord!” Su Jin sounded like a child pretending to be a king, but immediately after he said that, a rush of air that could freeze them for a second as well as the Roar of the Demon Lord surged toward Alex and his companions.

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