Chapter 165 - A Fierce Battle

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Su Jin’s Gold Armor was able to forcibly take control of others for one second, and that was enough for him. Kano Mai was very far from them, so before Su Jin executed his Air of an Overlord, she had already sent out her Spirit Power in the form of bullets. Dozens of bullets filled with sloth now flew toward the owners.

Before the owners could do anything about the bullets, the Air of an Overload made them dizzy for a second and that made it really easy for Kano Mai to hit her targets.

At the same time, the Roar of the Demon Lord was flying toward the three veterans. The only thing he had that could kill a veteran with one blow was the Roar of the Demon Lord.

Thanks to their perfect coordination, the ordinary owners were hit by Kano Mai. Even if they did not die on the spot, they became so listless that they collapsed onto the snow, unable to move anymore.

The three veterans, however, were truly extraordinary. The bullets had hit them as well, but their expressions had faltered for just a moment before different colored beams of light shot out from within their bodies as their Spirit Powers neutralized the slothful power in the bullets.

At the same time, Alex gave a low growl as he formed several layers of wall with his purple Spirit Power. He could sense that the Roar of the Demon Lord was very powerful and was not to be underestimated.

The Roar of the Demon Lord turned into sparkles as it crashed hard into the purple walls of light, breaking one layer after another. Alex continued to create new walls each time one shattered. Blood was coming out from his nose and mouth, and he looked worse than when he had tried to trap Ye Yun earlier.

Unfortunately for Alex, the Roar of the Demon Lord was not powered by Su Jin, but by the godly powers of the Demon Lord’s Longbow, so it was way more powerful than Su Jin himself was. If any opponent was not careful, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to perish if they were hit by this force.

One of the veterans helped to increase Alex’s Spirit Power upper limit so that he could make more walls to block Su Jin’s attack.

The Roar of the Demon Lord was slowly drained of energy and finally faded away after it had smashed through more than a dozen walls.

“Damn it, how is he so powerful?” Alex was worn out and the other veteran had already half collapsed to the ground, his body trembling involuntarily. That was a sign of exhaustion.

He looked up and narrowed his eyes when he realized that Su Jin and Ye Yun were nowhere to be found. Su Jin had sent that attack out not so much to kill him, but more to create a chance for them to escape.

“Ye Yun…you can’t escape and you know that,” spat Alex as he wiped the blood from his lips. He had a threatening smile on his face as he continued running after the couple.

Meanwhile, Su Jin’s phone rang. It was Kano Mai. “Jin, the ordinary owners are no longer able to fight and they’ll remain like this for at least the next two hours. But the three veterans have gone after you guys, so be careful.”

“Thanks, Mai. Go back to the hotel now, you don’t have to worry about us anymore,” Su Jin said to Kano Mai. He didn’t want anybody to notice her, otherwise she would also be in trouble.

“Got it,” she replied obediently before hanging up the phone.

Ye Yun looked like she had a million questions to ask but she knew that this was not the time to ask anything. Instead, it was Su Jin who asked her a question. “Do they have something that can track your location?”

“They do. Alex used to be in my team and he has this item that can track me down. I connected myself to it when we were still team mates,” replied Ye Yun with a nod.

Su Jin felt like he was suffering from a terrible headache. This was a really tough situation to be in. Alex was very powerful. He had already taken Alex by surprise with the Air of an Overlord and the Roar of the Demon Lord, yet Alex was able to handle these attacks. If Alex were careful or knew more about him, it might have been impossible for Su Jin to launch any attack at all.

“I’m guessing that he can’t check the item all the time? Is there a time limit or perhaps a distance limit?” asked Su Jin.

“There’s a time limit, but it’s really low. You can check it once every hour. The distance limit is better. He won’t be able to detect me if I’m more than 250 kilometers away from him,” said Ye Yun.

“250 kilometers, huh.” Su Jin frowned. 50 kilometers wasn’t a long distance to him. If he started running now, he would cover it in less than an hour. The problem was that Alex was no slow runner. He was now probably running after them like crazy, so trying to make sure they were 250 kilometers away from him was practically impossible.

“We can’t run anymore. If we keep this up, we’d die. We have to take the offensive and wipe them out.” A murderous desire rose in Su Jin’s heart. Since they couldn’t outrun their attackers, they had to fight back. He and Ye Yun were pretty good fighters anyway, while Alex was the only difficult one to handle among the three veterans. The other two were probably easier to deal with.

Ye Yun figured out what Su Jin was thinking when he suddenly stopped running and said, “I’ll deal with Alex. You just need to deal with the other two.”

“No problem.” Su Jin nodded and they quickly hid themselves, ready to ambush the three running after them.

A few minutes later, Alex and the other two had arrived where they were. Alex suddenly stopped and told the other two, “Stand with our backs to each other. Don’t give them any opportunity to strike.”

Su Jin did not expect Alex to be this careful. The man had instantly gone into defense mode when he sensed something amiss and hadn’t gone into a panic at all.

“Get him!” Just then, Ye Yun suddenly transformed into a cloud of smoke and dashed out. Her sudden attack shocked Su Jin.

“Remember what we talked about just now!” Su Jin sent out a message to her via psychokinesis but also had no choice but to come out of hiding as well. It was true that it was impossible to launch a sneak attack if Alex was being so cautious.

“So, you’ve not left yet? You’re going to fight?” Alex cackled as he enveloped his sword with his purple Spirit Power and hacked it at Ye Yun.

“Attack of the Demon Lord,” chanted Su Jin as he ran toward Alex to help Ye Yun fight off Alex’s attack.

The cloud of smoke that Ye Yun had turned herself into suddenly turned back into herself right in front of Alex. She brought her machete down at him and Su Jin felt like she had shattered the entire space in front of her.

Alex, however, did not go in a panic at all. He pressed a hand on his Handbook, spraying out a black liquid that stopped Ye Yun’s machete from striking him.

Ye Yun frowned and put her machete back inside her Handbook. The black liquid lost its target and solidified into a human-shaped monster made from jelly.

“A Nightmare Monster! You…” Ye Yun’s expression fell and she seemed rather afraid of this black jelly creature.

“HA! Like I said, I’ve made all sorts of preparations in order to deal with you today. Your Spirit Power is the is the power of souls and spirits, which is already very difficult to deal with. On top of that, you’re well versed in all sorts of martial arts, so I’m really not your match. But with all these things I’ve prepared, you won’t be able to escape,” said Alex with an evil laugh.

Su Jin could not pay any attention to the fight between Ye Yun and Alex anymore. His mission now was to get rid of the other two veterans, especially the one who could increase the upper limit of another veteran. If he got the opportunity to team up with Alex again, Alex would become too difficult to handle.

The two veterans noticed Su Jin running toward them, so one of them helped the other as the latter slammed his palms on the ground. The ground instantly rose to form several walls made from dirt. The temperature on Cloud Mountain was very low, so the soil was extremely hard from being frozen, making them even more effective as a wall.

“Coming through!” Su Jin did not slow down and smashed right through the first tough and frozen wall of soil with brute force. His strong physical body could pass through concrete, never mind this wall of merely frozen soil.

“Block him! He’s a close range fighter, so we must not let him come too close, or we’d both die!” The supporting veteran was very clear on the strengths of both sides.

The other veteran nodded and pressed a hand on the wall in front of him. A yellow glow instantly flew around the wall and enveloped the rest of the walls as well.

Su Jin had just broken through another wall when he suddenly realized that it was getting difficult for him to move. He remembered that one of the veterans had a numbing Spirit Power and realized he had walked into a trap.

“Ha! You can forget about moving now that you’ve been hit by my numbing Spirit Power! Your muscles will eventually stop moving and you won’t even be able to breathe. You’ll end up choking on your own tongue,” said the veteran wit ha cackle. Now that he had joined forces with the supporting veteran, he was able to unleash enough Spirit Power to do that to Su Jin.

Su Jin narrowed his eyes slightly. This Spirit Power could be difficult to deal with, but while it could numb his physical body, it had no effect on his psychokinesis.

There was a silver glint in his eyes as he used whatever energy he had left to press his hand against his Handbook. A black flash shot out as Rumor flew right out, controlled by his psychokinesis.

“What the hell?!” The veteran with numbing powers was horrified as Rumor stabbed right through his shoulder. In pain, he relaxed his hand and his numbing Spirit Power disappeared.

“Damn it! Keep unleashing your Spirit Power!” yelled the supporting veteran. But before he could say more, he saw a shadow coming for him.

“Die!” The veteran with numbing powers reacted more quickly. He pressed a hand against his Handbook, unleashing fiery flames at the shadow.

But he quickly realized he had been mistaken. The shadow coming their way wasn’t Su Jin at all. It was just one of the walls of frozen soil that Su Jin had flung at them.

The wall instantly fell apart after the flames hit it and a small black object flew right through. Rumor was not affected by fire at all, so it stabbed the veteran’s other arm, incapacitating that arm as well.

A white light shot out from the Handbook belonging to the supporting veteran, which enveloped the shoulders of the hurt veteran. His wounds healed up instantly.

“You! I’m going to kill you!” The previously hurt veteran let out a low shout as he slammed his palm against his Handbook. A giant black shadow leaped out immediately.

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