Ep.166: Ye Yun's Despair

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The giant black shadow couldn’t stop growling from the minute it appeared. Its entire body was covered in black flames, while its three heads kept moving left and right as it growled. As it moved about, the black flames on its body fell onto the ground, creating patches where there was no snow.

“Cerberus?” Su Jin got a shock. Cerberus was supposedly a legendary creature that guarded the gates of hell. It was very powerful and even though it wasn’t a god, it was at least a demigod. How could something so powerful be summoned so easily by an owner?

“Is it really Cerberus?” Now that the Demon Lord’s Eye had replaced Su Jin’s heart, he could use its skill anytime he wanted.

“Oh, it’s just it’s the essence of its soul,” said Su Jin as he let out a sigh of relief. The information on the creature said, “Cerberus (Physical Manifestation of the Essence of its Soul) – has 10% of the Cerberus’ strength, very rare treasure.”

Even though it only had 10% of Cerberus’ strength, Su Jin dared not look down on it. He hung his boning knife on his belt and summoned two handguns out from his Handbook.

He caught hold of Black Fire and White Ash. These two guns could convert his psychokinesis into the Spirit Powers the weapons required. This Cerberus manifestation only had a tenth of the original creature’s strength, but it was still something from the evil side, so the Demon Lord’s Spirit Power couldn’t do anything about it. He had to count on White Ash.

Bang! Bang! Bang! He fired the guns, aiming White Ash at Cerberus and Black Fire at the other two owners.

Roar! Cerberus became even more agitated after it was attacked. It raised a paw and swiped it at Su Jin, its huge paw making a whooshing sound as it cut through the air.

“Go away!” shouted Su Jin. Rumor acted like a boomerang as it shot out and returned and shot out again, slicing through Cerberus’ claws in quick succession like a laser. Its black blood instantly started burning once it came into contact with air.

Su Jin seized this chance to grab tightly onto one of Cerberus’ legs, which stunned the other two owners. What was Su Jin trying to do? Fight the creature head on?

“Let’s…GO!” Su Jin’s veins bulged as he lifted the three-headed dog. The two veterans watched in horror as Su Jin flung Cerberus at them.

“Mud wall! Rise!” The supporting veteran went into a panic and quickly summoned mud wall after mud wall. Unfortunately, the dog’s body was very heavy in the first place, so with the momentum from being flung like that, there was no way the frozen mud walls were able to hold up against it.

The two veterans quickly leaped out of the way. Since they couldn’t defend themselves against it, they had to dodge it. They chose to run in two different directions, which was exactly what Su Jin wanted.

Su Jin smiled as he dashed toward the supporting veteran. The veteran with numbing abilities immediately cursed inwardly and yelled at Cerberus, “Save him!”

Cerberus shook its head to sober up, then roared as it pounced at Su Jin with a ferocious look in its eyes.

Su Jin pulled White Ash’s trigger and white bullets instantly sprayed out of the gun. The gun could convert Su Jin’s Spirit Power so that it now carried elements of holiness, which was exactly what he needed to take Cerberus down.

As he continued shooting at the dog, he flung Rumor toward the supporting veteran. The combined fire power of Black Fire and Rumor terrified the veteran, but the only thing he could do was to raise more and more walls to block the attacks.

“Now!” yelled Su Jin as he retrieved the Demon Lord’s Longbow and sent the Roar of the Demon Lord toward the veteran, which melted through every mud wall he had put up.

“Save me!” The supporting veteran was yelling desperately, but the only thing that the other veteran could do was to get Cerberus to hurry. But Cerberus had to dodge White Ash’s bullets and could hardly move.

Boom! The Roar of the Demon Lord broke through all the mud walls, but the supporting veteran had already run off in a different direction and avoided getting hit by it. The Roar of the Demon Lord was a powerful skill, but it was not capable of chasing after a target.

But Su Jin did not intend to use the Roar of the Demon Lord to kill that veteran in the first place. He just wanted to use it to breakthrough all the mud walls and it had done its job.

Rumor and Black Fire’s bullets were now able to get to the veteran without any obstacles in the way. The veteran wasn’t able to summon a mud wall in time, so Rumor hit him in the forehead and was stuck for just one moment before slicing right through the man’s head, coming out the other side with a white, sticky liquid trailing behind. Black Fire’s spray of bullets hit him all over, riddling the man with countless holes.

“You! Damn you!” roared the other veteran hysterically. Su Jin could see fear in his eyes now. He had the protection of Cerberus, but he was still very afraid of Su Jin.

“Why don’t you go to hell as well?” Su Jin smiled menacingly and turned to dash toward the other veteran.

“Alex! Save me! Save me!” yelled the veteran in a loud voice. But Alex was in no state to even pay him any attention. Ye Yun was attacking him with everything she had as well, so he was having trouble saving himself, much less someone else.

In fact, Alex was rather shocked that Su Jin had been powerful enough to kill off one of the veterans even though they outnumbered him.

“Are you sure you’ve got the time to bother about someone else?” Ye Yun grinned at Alex. At this rate, they might win.

“Ye Yun, you won’t be gleeful for long! You have no idea that a fearsome presence is coming!” scoffed Alex. He moved along with the Nightmare Monster so that Ye Yun would not get any chance at attacking him directly.

Her heart skipped a beat in fear when she heard what he just said and frowned. “That’s impossible. He…he would never come all the way here.”

“Haha! That depends on whom he’s coming for!” cackled Alex loudly as he slammed a palm on his Handbook. A stone plaque with runes on it appeared and the runes immediately flew up from the stone and covered the Nightmare Monster.

The Nightmare Monster’s black jelly-like body shook when the runes swirled around it, then as though it had suddenly gone berserk, it broke off one of its arms and flung it at Ye Yun.

“Thousand Mountain Seal!” Ye Yun used all her fingers to claw at the cover of her Handbook and a huge seal flew into the air. Ye Yun clasped her hands together hard and the seal in the air burst into many tiny pieces. Each piece turned into a mountain that came hurtling back down on Earth.

One of them came down on the arm that the Nightmare Monster flung at her, exploding instantly upon impact. The other mountains rained down on its head, forcibly pressing it down and making it unable to move, like how the Jade Buddha in Journey to the West kept the Monkey God under control.

“Cousin! We’ve got to end this battle quickly! A terrifying fellow is coming into this universe! If he gets here, we’re both doomed!” Ye Yun yelled anxiously at Su Jin.

Su Jin too, wanted this battle to end quickly. But because he had used the Demon Lord’s Spirit Power so many times in a row, he was beginning to suffer from its side effects. He endured the pain and continued fighting against the last veteran and his three-headed dog. In fact, Su Jin was slowly losing the advantage he had in the beginning.

The veteran refused to actually fight Su Jin, choosing instead to let the dog protect him. He kept moving and switching directions to stall for more time.

“This will not do. At this rate, I’ll end up collapsing first,” thought Su Jin as he stumbled over his own feet. The silver glint in his eyes began to shake as his Psychokinetic Spirit Power and the Demon Lord’s Spirit Power began to get all mixed up. He had to find a way to sort these two Spirit Powers out.

“Haha! You’re not going to make it! I’m going to kill you!” The veteran smirked proudly. So what if Su Jin were powerful and had aggressive moves? Su Jin was still going to die at his hands after all.

“Sure, I’ll be waiting!” Su Jin bared his teeth as he slapped his forehead hard. Since his Spirit Powers were the ones making life difficult for him, he was going to seal them off temporarily.

Once he did that, his psychokinesis shrank rapidly, forming a small ball at the back of Su Jin’s mind. That was the best he could do about these two Spirit Powers.

The veteran had no idea what Su Jin was doing, but he could see that Su Jin was clearly feeling much better. His heart leaped into his mouth and he quickly ordered Cerberus to kill Su Jin while summoning a black talisman out of his Handbook.

“Get him!” yelled the veteran as he tore the black talisman. The talisman instantly turned into a black thread that flew toward Su Jin.

Su Jin had resolved the conflicting Spirit Powers, but it also meant he couldn’t use them for the time being and had to fight with his own physical body.

He dashed toward Cerberus and grabbed its head. They started wrestling, and surprisingly, they were actually on par with one another. The black thread quietly went around the dog and aimed for Su Jin’s back instead.

The black thread looked like it was going to stab into Su Jin and the veteran had a look of maniacal glee in his eyes. But just then, he suddenly felt as though he was flying into the sky. He could see that his body was still on the ground below, which meant that what was flying was actually his head. At the same time, he saw that an ax had actually flown right through his neck.

Once he died, both Cerberus and the black thread disappeared. Su Jin had suddenly lost the thing he was holding onto and lost his balance as a result, so he stumbled over his feet and nearly fell down.

Ye Yun appeared next to him and said, “Run! He’s here!” Su Jin could see nothing but fear in Ye Yun’s eyes. He could hardly imagine what sort of person could possibly make her feel so afraid.

All of a sudden, he felt his whole world spin. A large slit appeared in the air and a person glowing all over walked out from the slit.

“Shen…Shen Wu…” murmured Ye Yun.

Alex let out a sigh of relief as he fell to one knee and bowed his head as he said, “You’re here!”

Once the person had stepped out of the slit completely, he shook himself slightly and the glow around him shattered, revealing a small-sized body that belonged to a boy around 11 or 12 years old.

“It’s been a long time, Ye Yun. How have you been?” The boy smiled as he asked after her, as though they were old friends.

Ye Yun’s expression was grim as she gripped her pickax tightly and glared at him intently. But in the end, she let out a sigh, as though she had given up any attempts at resisting him.

“Shen Wu, this is between you and me, and it has nothing to do with anybody else. Let him go and I’ll leave with you,” said Ye Yun with a deep sigh, as if there was really nothing else she could do about this situation.

Su Jin could sense the despair in her voice. A despair so deep and so heavy, it was like a darkness that even the blazing bright sun would fail to illuminate.

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