Ep.195: A Fight Between Brothers

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Chu Yi was wearing a black cape and was dressed somewhat like the main character in the movie The Witcher. His frosty expression made him look unbelievably cool, and Su Jin was sure that he would attract a lot of young female fans if he went for a walk in the park looking like this.

“His soul exists, alright, except that it’s been trapped deep inside his consciousness. Is it just to keep him alive?” Su Jin narrowed his eyes as they glinted fiercely.

“You fool! You should have just left while you could! You’d better kneel down and beg us for mercy now!” Aseem cackled maniacally. Su Jin’s clearly superior psychokinesis had frightened him earlier on, but now that Chu Yi had joined the fight, he became confident again.

“So noisy,” muttered Su Jin as the silvery glint in his eyes shone. Aseem’s face turned blue and he flailed about in pain as he felt like an invisible hand was squeezing his throat.

“Attack him!” yelled Peacock. She let out a shriek and sent soundwaves rushing toward Su Jin’s head.

Su Jin casually waved his arm, creating a wind that picked up a large number of broken rocks and rubble. The rocks and rubble flew toward those soundwaves and prevented them from reaching him.

But at the same time, Chu Yi launched an attack too. He started with his Triple Qi Thrust, Mountain Splitting Demon Tiger right away. He was being controlled by the cult, but his martial arts techniques were deeply etched into his subconscious and came to him naturally in a fight. There was no need for him to do too much strategizing.

“Argh! This fellow really doesn’t hold back!” Su Jin dodged Chu Yi’s attack swiftly.

“It’s no use! I’ve already given him the order to kill you, so he won’t stop until you’re dead! You can try to escape, but you’re still going to die! HAHA!” Aseem cackled loudly like he had gone mad. The sense of failure he had felt after Su Jin fought back seemed to have made him lose a few marbles.

“I see. These revived bodies have souls, but these souls can’t direct the body, so they need someone with psychokinetic powers to control them?” thought Su Jin. Chu Yi was still as good at fighting as he used to be, but he was now like a car without a driver, so he fought mindlessly. Aseem was actually the driver here.

“You seriously talk too much! Just die, will you?”

Aseem suddenly felt dizzy before feeling like he was flying, except that the only thing that was flying was his head.

Peacock stood by the side in shock. She had been watching Su Jin very carefully because she was afraid that Su Jin might try to kill Aseem. Despite being prepared for such a possibility, she had still failed to stop him from doing so. Su Jin’s body had disappeared from her sight for a split second and that was enough time for Su Jin to kill Aseem.

She couldn’t help but take a step backwards. If Su Jin could kill Aseem in an instant, he could kill her that way too. But as someone with a high position within the Order, she couldn’t just leave Chu Yi here and run off. Otherwise, like she said, the leader of the cult was going to make her life a living hell or kill her.

Aseem had already been killed, but Chu Yi wasn’t slowing down. Aseem had already given him the mission to kill Su Jin at all costs, so he wasn’t going to stop until he had completed this mission.

Chu Yi slammed a palm towards Su Jin and Su Jin used his arm to block the attack, which made his arm tremble violently. It was one of Chu Yi’s usual moves, but thankfully, it was only a Double Qi Thrust.

These Qi Thrust moves were a technique that Chu Yi had invented based on the various martial arts techniques he had learned within his Personal Hell Domain. It was a technique that didn’t require him to fire up any momentum in order to launch an attack. His muscles could move several times in one second, so he could add a second, third or fourth attack immediately after the earlier one, hitting the target in waves.

A Single Qi Thrust did not do much damage and did even less damage than some other ordinary martial arts attacks. A Double Qi Thrust was different, however. Chu Yi could pierce a piece of steel one-centimeter thick with his finger using this technique. Everything had a point where the pressure was great enough to cause a crack, and steel was no different.

So, before the target could recover from the first Qi Thrust, a second one was made immediately afterwards, effectively stacking the attacks. That was why a Double Qi Thrust was more powerful than a Single Qi Thrust.

When it came to a Triple Qi Thrust, there was a change in the quality of the energy. Chu Yi was strong enough to chop a van in half with a Triple Qi Thrust, which was why he named it Mountain Splitting Demon Tiger, because this was a move that could literally split mountains in half.

Beyond the Triple Qi Thrust, Chu Yi could even do a Quadruple Qi Thrust, Billowing Sea Waves. Just like the name suggested, Chu Yi had the ability to actually create sea waves with the amount of energy he exerted. Even Su Jin didn’t dare to take this move head on.

The best part about this technique was that he could execute the moves as many times as he liked, as long as his body was able to take it. The technique itself didn’t cause any harm to his body, unlike many ultimate martial arts moves that often severely injured or even killed the martial artist when executed.

Chu Yi attacked Su Jin without stopping and Su Jin kept fighting too. His mission was to kill Chu Yi, so he didn’t hold back at all. He held his Boning Knife in hand and brandished it powerfully.

Meanwhile, Peacock had already hidden herself in a dark corner. Her heart was pounding in fear as she tried to think of who Su Jin could be, but she simply couldn’t recall when the Resistance Army recruited such a formidable member. None of the members she remembered could possibly kill someone as powerful as Aseem just like that.

Su Jin and Chu Yi were fighting each other so fiercely, the building was threatening to fall apart. The two of them fought from the 26th floor all the way to the first story, and finally moved out of the building.

There were still some owners within the building and they hid themselves in a corner and kept their mouths shut, afraid that the two men fighting would discover their presence and kill them as well.

The longer the fight went on, the more worried Su Jin became. Chu Yi didn’t seem to feel any pain and because Chu Yi’s soul couldn’t control his own body, he just kept making attack after attack without caring if he got hurt in the process. His only goal was to kill Su Jin.

Their combating abilities were already more or less on par, and Su Jin was actually worse off because he didn’t know martial arts techniques like Chu Yi did. Now that Chu Yi was going all out without caring about his own body, Su Jin was beginning to lose.

“This won’t do. If this carries on, I’d end up dead. I have to think of another way,” thought Su Jin as the silver glint in his eyes flickered and he sent his psychokinesis deep into Chu Yi’s subconscious. Chu Yi’s soul was trapped, but at least it existed.

His psychokinesis found Chu Yi’s soul very quickly. Chu Yi’s soul looked really pitiful, since it was squashed in the depths of his own subconscious. It used to take up Chu Yi’s entire body, but now, most of his body was out of bounds to his soul. He was like an elephant that had been forced into a standard home refrigerator.

“Boss?” Chu Yi’s soul was trapped, but it wasn’t asleep. He was overjoyed to see Su Jin.

“Living the good life, eh? This little bungalow of yours is… rather fancy,” said Su Jin sarcastically.

Chu Yi made a face and complained, “Boss, I’m feeling really terrible right now. Are you here to save me?”

“Save you? I’m here to kill you,” snapped Su Jin.

Chu Yi scratched his head, then nodded. “Well, that’s just as well. Staying here is worse than dying, so it’s probably better that you kill me. Please go ahead, Boss.”

Su Jin didn’t expect Chu Yi to accept this idea so readily. He sighed and said, “Even if I wanted to kill you, I can’t. What you’re seeing is actually just an illusion created by my psychokinesis. My actual body is still fighting your body!”

“You’re fighting my body? Didn’t I get attacked by that stupid pigheaded thing?” Chu Yi was confused because he could only remember what happened before he was killed. He had no idea what happened to himself after that.

Su Jin didn’t have the time to explain. “That happened a long time ago already. Let me try to summarize this. Remember you told me about the cult in your universe?”

Chu Yi nodded. Su Jin went on, “They’ve used some method to revive you after you died, trapped your soul here and made your physical body work for them.”

“My… physical body?” Chu Yi paled and shuddered before growling, “These bastards! How could they do that to my body!”

“Tsk, get your mind out of the gutter!” Su Jin sensed that Chu Yi had misunderstood what he meant and explained further, “They’ve taken control of your body to massacre the Resistance Army. Several of their members have already died at your hands.”

Chu Yi could hardly believe what he was hearing, but he trusted Su Jin and took his words as truth. A few moments later, he finally digested all this information and his expression turned to one of dismay. “What am I going to do now? I was on really good terms with the people from the Resistance Army too. How could I have done such a thing to them?”

“You didn’t want to either. The cult is in control of your body, that’s why you ended up doing such a thing. The Resistance Army invited me to your universe to kill you and make sure you rest in peace,” said Su Jin.

Chu Yi’s eyes lit up a little. “Boss, you’re in my universe now? It’s too bad that I can’t get out of here and show you around.”

“Never mind that now. My problem right now is how I’m going to kill you,” said Su Jin with a heavy sigh.

Chu Yi scratched his head and said, “If nothing else works, you can just shoot me with your Demon Lord’s Longbow.”

Su Jin wasn’t sure if he ought to laugh or cry at how Chu Yi was so objective about getting killed. He sighed again and said, “I would love to do that too, but we’re fighting at such close range now and I don’t have the time to pull the bowstring back at all. I’m certain that if I took the time to do that, you’d seize the opportunity to strike me dead.”

Killing Chu Yi with the Demon Lord’s Longbow was definitely one of Su Jin’s options, but Chu Yi was formidable enough to dodge the Roar of the Demon Lord’s attack and like he explained earlier, he didn’t even have the time to ready the bow.

“But even so, you should be able to handle a close range fight with me,” said Chu Yi. As far as he knew, Su Jin was an excellent close range fighter and had a practically invincible physical body too, so Su Jin should not have any problem defeating him in a fight.

“Your body is now a killing machine and you’re doing everything you can to kill me, so I’m really having trouble killing you now. I’m here to ask if your body has any weakness I can attack,” said Su Jin a little awkwardly.

But after Chu Yi heard what Su Jin said, he froze for a second, then said anxiously to Su Jin, “Boss, you’d better run now, or you’d die.”

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