Ep.196: The Leader Of The Order

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“What do you mean?” Su Jin was puzzled. Chu Yi didn’t look like he was kidding, and it certainly wasn’t the time to joke around.

Chu Yi was extremely panicky and had to force himself to stay calm. “Boss, you’re not aware of this, but I actually have a Quintuple Qi Thrust which will hurt myself if I execute it. That’s why I don’t use it, since it’s usually not worth that sort of sacrifice. But if you say that my body is now determined to kill you at any cost, there’s a high chance that he’d…”

Su Jin had a bitter smile on his face. Chu Yi didn’t need to finish the rest of his sentence. There was an almost 100% chance that Chu Yi’s physical body was going to use that Quintuple Qi Thrust in a bid to kill his enemy. The problem was, each level of qi added to these attacks made them twice as damaging as the last. Su Jin was already unable to withstand a Quadruple Qi Thrust. If Chu Yi attacked him with a Quintuple Qi Thrust, his almost demigod status body would probably be severely injured.

Outside of Chu Yi’s consciousness, Su Jin had the same bitter smile on his face. It was easy for him to use his psychokinesis to fight Chu Yi and speak to him at the same time, but after he found out what Chu Yi was capable of, he immediately withdrew his psychokinesis from Chu Yi’s consciousness. He was going to face a formidable opponent, so it was best that he focused all his energy on fighting Chu Yi and not allow himself to be distracted.

“Attack of the Demon Lord!” Su Jin executed that move before putting his Boning Knife back into his Handbook and retrieving Black Fire and White Ash, spraying bullets from both guns without pausing. Since he was here to kill Chu Yi, he had to pull out all the stops.

But Chu Yi was an equally skilled fighter. He dodged the Attack of the Demon Lord and gave off a white smoke at the same time, which was the physical form of his internal energy. The bullets from both Black Fire and White Ash were trapped in the white smoke and were unable to reach Chu Yi at all.

Chu Yi took this chance to charge at Su Jin. His arm trembled slightly, telling Su Jin that he was about to launch a Qi Thrust attack. Su Jin immediately backed away.

Boom! Chu Yi slammed a palm against the ground, which caused the soil to churn as though there were countless gigantic earthworms beneath. The churning went on for more than ten seconds before finally coming to a stop.

Su Jin was in shock. This attack had been a really powerful one. If that attack had struck him, he figured that his blood would end up churning like the soil earlier.

At the same time, this attack had injured Chu Yi as well. Su Jin saw that the flesh on Chu Yi’s arms had burst open, and he could see Chu Yi’s intertwining veins, but Chu Yi didn’t look like he was in pain at all.

“I’m dealing with a robot that’s highly skilled in martial arts!” thought Su Jin with a sigh. Just then, Chu Yi came charging at Su Jin again. He spread his arms like a crane, reaching Su Jin with one leap before thrusting his palm toward Su Jin’s neck.

At the same time, a black item flew out from Su Jin’s hand. He used his psychokinesis to use Rumor to move around his body as a way of protecting himself. It worked like a boomerang, so he could toss it again and again to keep it moving.

Ding! Rumor blocked Chu Yi’s attack and Su Jin immediately threw a punch, aiming accurately for Chu Yi’s already injured arm and broke it instantly. The broken arm flew off into the distance.

Chu Yi’s arm bled profusely but he did not back off at all. He charged at Su Jin and even made use of his broken stump of an arm to attack Su Jin. This was not surprising, given that Chu Yi was now a killing machine that did not know pain or fear, but Su Jin was still really horrified by Chu Yi’s actions.

The two of them continued fighting. If Chu Yi’s soul hadn’t warned Su Jin about a Quintuple Qi Thrust, Su Jin would have been hurt by the earlier attack. Su Jin was slowly gaining the upper hand.

Peacock was feeling terribly anxious as she hid in the shadows. Chu Yi was a powerful weapon that had taken the Order a lot of effort to obtain, and each puppet they resurrected could only be resurrected once. If Su Jin killed Chu Yi now, the Order would suffer a terrible loss. At the same time, the only person who could control Chu Yi was Aseem, because he had psychokinesis. Now that Aseem had been killed, it was going to be impossible to stop and recall Chu Yi.

“Leader, the situation is out of control! Chu Yi has been badly injured, and at this rate, he will end up getting killed.” Peacock used her phone to call the leader of the cult.

“I’m already on my way and I’ll be there in ten minutes.” The line immediately went dead after that.

Peacock felt much better. The leader was a really formidable person after all, and even that organization of robbers led by Shen Wu did not dare to make any trouble in this universe because apparently, this leader was someone who was actually on par with Shen Wu.

Su Jin’s psychokinesis could cover an area of several kilometers, so he overheard Peacock’s telephone conversation easily. He was quite wary of this leader, since he had also heard about how Shen Wu had given up launching any attacks on this universe because of this leader. That was enough to prove how powerful this cult really was as well.

In fact, Su Jin was beginning to wonder how the Resistance Army had even managed to survive thus far. Of course, the people that Su Jin had met were only a portion of the Resistance Army. Apparently, the army had split into independent factions after Yu Guangde died, so even if the cult hadn’t gotten hold of Chu Yi, the Resistance Army was doomed to fall sooner or later.

Then again, Su Jin wasn’t obliged to save this universe and it wasn’t easy to save a universe either, unless Su Jin intended to stay here for the long term. Trying to unite the Resistance Army again, then train up a really formidable member were not easy tasks to carry out.

“Ten minutes, huh.” Su Jin frowned. He had to kill Chu Yi in ten minutes. If the leader came before he could do that, he would be in big trouble.

While fighting, Su Jin continued to analyze the situation. Chu Yi’s condition was worsening, so he would probably defeat Chu Yi if given enough time. But he didn’t have enough time now, so it was going to be impossible to kill Chu Yi in just ten minutes.

“What about his soul?” Su Jin’s eyes suddenly lit up. Since the cult needed to trap Chu Yi’s soul inside Chu Yi’s resurrected body, it meant that there was some use for Chu Yi’s soul. This soul was likely to be the source of energy for this body, so if he killed Chu Yi’s soul, the body would die as well.

With that in mind, Su Jin charged toward Chu Yi. When they collided into each other, he grabbed hold of Chu Yi and slammed a palm hard against Chu Yi’s forehead.

A silver light rushed into Chu Yi’s subconscious from Su Jin’s palm. If the amount that Su Jin had used to go in a talk to Chu Yi earlier had been a small, investigative drone, this beam of psychokinesis was equivalent to an aircraft carrier barging into Chu Yi’s head.

Su Jin appeared inside Chu Yi’s subconscious like a giant and said, “Chu Yi, I don’t have the time to fight your physical body anymore, so I’m going to extinguish your soul right now. I hope you won’t blame me for it!”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t blame you. I’d rather die than become a lackey for the cult.” Chu Yi was calm and was very rational about this whole situation.

Su Jin nodded and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll revive you! I hope to see you again!”

Chu Yi smiled and nodded. Su Jin immediately brought his foot down mightily on Chu Yi, crushing his soul in an instant.

From the outside, Chu Yi’s body shook violently before the light in his eyes went out. Just like what Su Jin had guessed, the soul was the source of the body’s life, even though it was trapped and couldn’t control the body. So, once the soul was destroyed, the body would lose any lifeforce and become a useless shell.

Su Jin withdrew from Chu Yi’s subconscious and sent a message to Han Linmei and the rest to tell them that he had already killed Chu Yi and they could retreat.

“It’s a little too late to think about leaving now, don’t you think?” The sound of rotors could be heard as a black military helicopter appeared in the skies above.

“That’s fast!” Su Jin was surprised, but did not hesitate to retrieve his Demon Lord’s Longbow and fired a Roar of the Demon Lord at the helicopter.

The ones in the helicopter did not expect Su Jin to launch such a quick and powerful attack, and the helicopter couldn’t move away in time. The Roar of the Demon Lord hit it squarely in the middle and the entire helicopter turned into nothing but black smoke. But Su Jin didn’t think that would be enough to kill the leader of the cult.

And just as he had feared, a black figure flew down from the night sky and landed in front of Su Jin. To his surprise, the figure turned out to be a woman. She exuded a dangerous aura and made him shudder in fear.

Su Jin dared not move because this threatening aura was all around him. He had sensed this aura on Shen Wu and Xu Ran before too. And since those two were extremely formidable owners, it meant that this woman was on the same level as them, since they all shared a similar aura.

“You… have a strange smell about you. You’ve actually awakened Psychokinetic Spirit Power and you’ve actually reached this level? Very impressive.” The woman looked very ordinary, but her eyes were enough to capture one’s soul and mesmerize a crowd.

The silver glint in Su Jin’s eyes remained because he was using his psychokinesis to protect his mind. If he didn’t do that, he realized that he would be unable to look this woman in the eye.

“Excellent. We might have lost a physically strong warrior, but gaining one with psychokinesis makes up for it.” She gave a pleased nod, then curled a finger at Su Jin.

The silver glint in Su Jin’s eyes started to tremble violently, and his psychokinesis looked like it was about to crumble. Just then, the large ball sealed deep inside his subconscious started to shake as well.

Boom! The silver glint in his eyes shone brightly again. This time, it looked like the woman had been severely injured, and she had a shocked and uncertain look in her eyes.

“How could this happen?” She paled in horror.

Su Jin snapped out of his earlier daze and crushed the crystal in his hand, causing his body to fall into the void between universes again. The woman raised an eyebrow when she saw that Su Jin had disappeared.

“No wonder he smelled so strange. So, he’s not from our universe,” she murmured to herself. She had a puzzled frown as she wondered, “Besides those characters… when did such a formidable owner appear within the Handbook’s universe?”

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