Episode 199

Old Enemies
1 year ago
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The pigheaded warrior was like a killing machine as it made its way through the owners. Each swing of its blade could kill one owner. When the man with red eyes realized he was next, he stood on guard and shot out a red beam of light from his eyes.

The warrior was forced to retreat in order to avoid the red light. The man quickly called his other companions to gather around him. It wasn’t possible for them to deal with this warrior individually.

“If your powerful red eyes aren’t enough to deal with this creature, maybe we should retreat!” One of the owners was clearly becoming a little frantic. The pigheaded warrior had been forced to retreat earlier, but it remained unfazed and was now marching back toward them.

“We can’t just leave. There’s still a large number of teleporting crystals on the island and they can’t be kept inside the Handbook, so we can’t take them with us. It’s a great loss to us if we leave them behind,” said the red eyed man through clenched teeth.

“But if we die here, there’s no use in keeping these crystals either!” piped up another owner. He too felt that retreating was the better choice.

The red eyed man glared at them and said sinisterly, “If we abandon these crystals, then Mr. Shen Wu is going to kill us all. If we try our best to fight this thing off, we might still survive. But if we incur the wrath of Mr. Shen Wu, we’re definitely going to die.”

The owners instantly shuddered at the mention of Shen Wu’s name. His name alone was even more threatening and frightening to them than this pigheaded warrior.

Meanwhile, the warrior had come fairly close to them, so the red eyed man led the owners in fighting back. They still suffered casualties on their side, but things were better now that they were fighting back as a group. They even managed to push the warrior back several times.

Su Jin and his companions were standing at a distance and watching the fight. Situ Jin was surprised at how formidable the pigheaded warrior was and didn’t think that Chu Yi would have been able to fight as well as this warrior even if he had been here with them. It wasn’t to say that Chu Yi wasn’t as skilled in fighting as this warrior, but the fact that this warrior did not fear death made it a lot more effective in a fight against so many at the same time.

“At this rate, the owners aren’t going to last much longer than half an hour. Is that really all a base camp belonging to Shen Wu is capable of?” Su Jin was a little disappointed. He had come fully expecting to fight a tough battle, only to find that his opponents were a bunch of noobs.

As the red eyed man watched the owners around him fall, he still did not dare to make a run for it, but he was beginning to panic inside. Just then, two beams of white light flashed in front of the building and two figures appeared a few seconds later.

“Oh?” Situ Jin raised an eyebrow and said to Su Jin, “Those two are here. Those are the two who tried to hurt your family.”

Su Jin turned to look at the two men who had arrived. The pigheaded warrior immediately swung its knives at them after they appeared.

“Damn it! How dare you try to attack me from behind!” roared one of them. A red mist around his body exploded and shattered the force from the pigheaded warrior’s attack.

“Guillaume, Andrew, you’re finally back!” The red eyed man was overjoyed to see the two men who had tried to harm Su Jin’s family the last time.

Andre glanced at the pigheaded warrior, then scanned the dead bodies of the owners strewn all over the ground. He was really surprised and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Someone has infiltrated the island and let this creature loose. It’s only a puppet, but it’s insanely powerful and seems to be even more powerful than Cerberus. We had a lot of trouble fending it off and we’ve lost a number of people,” explained the red eyed man.

Guillaume sneered at the dead owners on the ground and spat, “They’re a bunch of idiots who were going to get killed sooner or later, but… we don’t let our folks get slaughtered without paying a price for it.” The red mist around his body surged toward the pigheaded warrior.

The warrior seemed to have sensed that Guillaume was a powerful foe, so it swung its knives to kill the two owners in front of it, then brandished them one after another in a peculiar manner without moving from its spot.

When the red mist from Guillaume came close enough, the warrior thrust its knives hard into it, which was the move that it had made on Train of the Supernatural that had nearly killed Chu Yi.

The red mist was surprisingly unable to hold up against those knives as the knives pierced it immediately. Despite that, the knives only managed to pierce Guillaume’s skin by less than a centimeter and were unable to go any further.

“That’s a knife made from demon remains! Incredible!” Guillaume’s eyes widened in surprise. He didn’t expect the pigheaded warrior’s knives to pierce through the red mist. But he soon sniggered and said, “It’s too bad that my body has been upgraded and it’s covered entirely in a special sort of metal. You can’t hurt me now.”

He threw a punch at the pigheaded warrior’s face, but the warrior reacted quickly and moved its head aside. However, it wasn’t fast enough. Guillaume’s punch brushed past its ear and tore half of it off.

“Wait, what?” Su Jin was surprised. He knew how powerful this warrior was. Yet, Guillaume’s punch had actually torn half its ear off just like that.

“That red mist must be fighting aura, which… I guess you could consider it a high level Spirit Power. It’s the best Spirit Power an owner specializing in close range combat can have,” said Kano Mai suddenly.

Su Jin asked, “How does it compare to Chu Yi’s internal energy?”

“It’s not the same. Chu Yi’s energy comes from the inside and keeps regenerating without limit, so it’s very suitable for long battles. Once it’s been trained and honed to its maximum potential, it’s almost as powerful as your psychokinesis.”

“Guillaume’s fighting aura, on the other hand, is the sort that just explodes powerfully on the outside. Even owners who have just awakened this power get a huge increase to their fighting prowess and I’ve heard that owners with fighting aura are usually able to defeat opponents who are stronger than themselves,” said Kano Mai with a grim look on her face.

After pausing to think, she went on, “But it’s not as good as Chu Yi’s internal energy. The special characteristic of a fighting aura is that it’s extremely powerful. But as the saying goes, it’s the strong and stubborn ones who break, unlike the softer and more flexible ones. Owners with this power usually fight very extreme battles, so even though the owner with fighting aura might win by a large margin, they would also suffer from overusing their fighting aura and end up dying in the end.”

Su Jin and Situ Jin exchanged glances. This power sounded like someone on steroids, except that the side effects were way too severe. How could one win a fight but end up dying? That was ridiculous.

Guillaume continued to fight the pigheaded warrior. He was a good fighter and his body could hold up against the warrior’s knives because it was covered in that special metal. But he began to look more and more worried. Just like what Kano Mai had said earlier, such owners were not suitable for drawn out battles. If he couldn’t win within a short time, he was going to lose.

“Andre, help!” yelled Guillaume. He could sense that the fighting aura in his body was beginning to go into a frenzy. If this went on for too long, he was going to die.

Andre immediately dashed forward and thrust a stream of freezing air toward the pigheaded warrior. The warrior was covered in the freezing air and turned into an ice sculpture within seconds. It couldn’t move anymore.

“Ha! That was what I was waiting for! Time to die!” Guillaume was excited to see this happening. This was his and Andre’s best combined attack. Andre would use his freezing air to freeze their opponent, then he would use his immense strength to shatter the ice sculpture. Even owners with special powers would all end up meeting their maker.

Just then, the warrior suddenly became small and flew away. Su Jin could see that Guillaume’s next move was to shatter it, so he quickly recalled the warrior.

“Who’s hiding there? Come out now!” bellowed Guillaume as he threw a punch. His red fighting aura was like a dragon, churning the ground as it came roaring toward Su Jin.

The three of them walked out from the shadows and Su Jin threw a punch as well. This punch collided with Guillaume head on and shattered the aura. Su Jin’s physical body was strong enough to overcome it without the use of other powers or items.

“The two of you have already met my family members, yet you don’t know who I am?” Su Jin grinned. Since their targets had all arrived, there was no need to hide and wait any longer.

Guillaume and Andre looked puzzled, but their eyes lit up slightly when they saw Situ Jin. They recognized Situ Jin as the one who ruined their plans twice in a row.

“Intruders to the island have to die,” spat Andre. He opened his mouth to breathe out a huge stream of freezing air. The air was so cold, any vapor in the air turned to ice and fell to the ground noisily.

Su Jin did not move and just kept Situ Jin and Kano Mai safely behind him. There was a silvery glint in his eye as he created a wall with his psychokinesis to block Andre’s freezing air.

Andre’s freezing air was really formidable, actually. Frost began to form on that wall, which meant that it was actually freezing Su Jin’s psychokinesis even though psychokinesis was something that had no shape and was usually undetectable. But after freezing the psychokinesis, it no longer had any power left to attack Su Jin and his companions.

“You have psychokinesis? You’re Xu Ran!” Andre recognized what this invisible wall was made from and his heart trembled in fear. He couldn’t believe this young man had turned out to be the one person in this universe they had been told never to offend. Xu Ran’s special characteristic was psychokinesis, and his psychokinesis was extremely powerful.

But the red eyed man had walked over and he shook his head as he glared at Su Jin. “This fellow isn’t Xu Ran. You’re Mr. Su, aren’t you?”

Su Jin nodded. “That’s right. I’m Su Jin, the one whose family was threatened by you guys! I’ve come to take my revenge!”

Guillaume burst out laughing. “HAHAHA! What an idiot! If you were really Xu Ran, I might have been more wary. But you’re not! If you’re not as blessed as Xu Ran, I’d advise you to stop being so pretentious, or else… you might die for it!”

Su Jin made a face as the silver glint in his eyes reappeared. He muttered quietly, “You’re right. This sort of thing… is going to get someone killed.”

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