Ep.200: Kill!

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“Watch out, this fellow may not be Xu Ran, but he’s also very formidable. More than a dozen of our comrades died at his hands in S City.” The red eyed man had a very deep impression of Su Jin. That’s why he got Andre and Guillaume to deal with Su Jin.

Guillaume had a disdainful look on his face as he walked toward Su Jin. The red fighting aura around his body became more concentrated with each step he took, so ten steps later, the redness was enough to serve as a smoke signal. If a plane flew over their heads now, it would see this red smoke signal clearly.

“Mai, watch my back and don’t let anybody disrupt me,” said Su Jin to Kano Mai. She nodded and ran off to find a vantage point where she could have an unobstructed view of the place.

“Situ, they said that there are a lot of teleportation crystals in this place. Can you help to look for them? The crystals should look like this,” said Su Jin as he used his psychokinesis to send a picture of the crystal to Situ Jin.

“That’s the thing that can send a person from one universe to another?” Situ Jin was very interested in this item, so he nodded at Su Jin and disappeared into the shadows.

“Two of them have left, so you’d better bring some people to follow them,” Andre said to the red eyed man.

The red eyed man hesitated. “Then this guy…”

“Just leave him to us. I’d suggest you take a look at where you’ve kept the teleportation crystals,” said Andre in an icy voice.

The red eyed man widened his eyes, then called on all the remaining owners to head for where they stored the teleportation crystals. They were doomed if anything happened to those crystals.

All of them hurried off in a panic, while Situ Jin smiled while hiding in the shadows. These idiots, he thought. After all, if they didn’t lead the way, he wouldn’t know where to start looking either.

Only Su Jin, Andre and Guillaume were left. Guillaume had a nasty look on his face as he snarled, “I suppose there’s one thing you don’t know about.”

“Oh?” Su Jin had a puzzled look on his face as he asked innocently, “What’s that?”

“People with psychokinesis like you must not appear within ten steps of experts in close range combat like me, otherwise… I can kill you before you summon your psychokinesis.” Guillaume sniggered. “And now… you’re already within ten steps of me.”

“What?” Su Jin’s expression froze, while Guillaume charged at him.

An expert in close range combat like Guillaume could move more quickly and powerfully than someone with psychokinesis could start using it, so it was true that Guillaume could kill someone with psychokinesis if they got too close to him.

Buddha once said, the flick of a finger took 20 moments, one moment took 12 thoughts, and in one thought, 800 people could have died. Guillaume had completed these ten steps in the same time as it took to make one thought. Before Su Jin’s expression could even shift, Guillaume’s fist was already right in front of his eyes.

Boom! Guillaume’s fist carried a frenzied amount of fighting aura as he brought it down on Su Jin’s head. He was very proud of this punch, because it perfectly displayed his strength. He had reached his peak in that split second.

The tremendous amount of energy in that fist and the red mist stirred up a giant cloud of dust and smoke. The redness of the fighting aura and the blackness of the dust and smoke mixed in with one another and made it look like the face of a demon.

Guillaume withdrew his arm after making that punch and cracked his neck joints. He turned and grinned at Andre as he said, “Perhaps he was really formidable, just dumb. His only power is psychokinesis and he actually allowed himself to remain within ten steps of my reach. He was definitely going to get himself killed.”

Andre nodded slightly. He knew what his partner was capable of. Su Jin was definitely going to die after getting hit in the head with that kind of force. But nobody would pity Su Jin even after his death. Su Jin knew that Guillaume was an expert in close range fighting, yet he came so close anyway. He would have died purely from his own stupidity.

Just then, Andre suddenly noticed something moving in the huge cloud of fighting aura, dust and smoke. That… looked like the silhouette of a person.

“Guillaume, watch out! He hasn’t…” yelled Andre to warn Guillaume.

At the same time, Guillaume could sense something amiss. But before he could turn around, he felt a pain in his waist as a mighty force struck him. The next thing he heard was a terrible cracking sound. His backbone had been broken by a kick.

Su Jin emerged from the smoke with one foot on Guillaume. He grinned and said, “There’s one thing YOU don’t know either. Besides having psychokinesis, my ability to engage in close range combat is actually better than yours!”

There was a look of disbelief in Guillaume’s eyes as blood gushed out from his nose and mouth, but he didn’t seem to feel it at all. He continued to roar hysterically, “That’s impossible! An owner with psychokinesis… how could such a person have such a strong physical body?!”

“Is it very contradictory?” Su Jin made a face.

Guillaume knew that these two conditions weren’t mutually exclusive, but it still didn’t make sense to him. It was already rare enough to find someone with psychokinesis, and it took an incredible amount of time and effort to improve one’s level of psychokinesis. It was already hard enough to improve one aspect, never mind improve one’s physical body at the same time. This just sounded simply impossible to him.

“Let go of Guillaume!” Andre realized that he had to do something. He summoned the freezing air from within him and shot icy cones at Su Jin.

Su Jin didn’t move or dodge the icy cones at all, allowing the sharp cones to hit him directly. Guillaume could hardly believe his eyes. This young man’s body was way more invincible than his. If Andre did this to him, he’d have to use his fighting aura to block it. But Su Jin… actually just relied on his physical body to block the cones.

“Freezing wave!” Andre knew that if he didn’t put in his best efforts, there would be no way to defeat Su Jin, so he unleashed his most lethal attack.

A white, icy layer began to spread from beneath Andre’s feet as freezing air gushed out of his body. Anything it touched, whether it was an animal or a plant, froze instantly.

“Andre, no! Damn it! You’re going to kill me!” Guillaume’s eyes widened as he struggled to get up. But his backbone was broken and he couldn’t move at all.

Andre ignored Guillaume’s cries as he continued to push the freezing wave forward. At the same time, Su Jin pressed a hand on his Handbook and a cloak appeared around his shoulders.

The freezing wave froze everything in its way, quickly reaching Su Jin. Guillaume watched in horror as he turned into an ice sculpture in seconds. His final expression was one of indignation. He could hardly believe his partner would kill him without hesitation.

But it was soon Andre’s turn to be horrified. After Guillaume had been turned to ice, Su Jin remained unfrozen. It was as if the freezing wave had forgotten Su Jin and froze everything else but him.

“How can this be? Why is this happening?” Andre couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Su Jin removed his foot from Guillaume’s back and walked toward Andre while explaining the situation slowly, “Your freezing wave is essentially a high level technique that makes use of a basic element, water. This cloak of mine is able to protect me against any attacks that make use of basic elements.”

His cloak, the Gift from the Gods, came with the skill, Protection of the Gods. It could protect him from any elemental attacks, except that it cost him a lot of Spirit Power. But that was the skill that enabled him to block Andre’s attack.

Andre immediately slammed his palms against the ground and a wall of ice instantly formed. This wall was enough to separate him from Su Jin. Once the wall was sufficiently thick enough, he started running for his life. He had lost all hope of defeating Su Jin. He was a veteran with freezing air as his Spirit Power, and it was everything to him. If Su Jin was immune to that, then it meant that he was of no threat to Su Jin at all.

Su Jin didn’t bother running after him. He used his foot to kick up a rock that had frozen over, then kicked it forward before it could fall back down on the ground again.

The rock moved as quickly as lightning, piercing through the layers of the thick wall of ice. By the time it went through the last layer, it had lost most of its energy and crumbled. But while it crumbled, another rock flew right through the tunnel that the first one had made.

“Wha-?” Andre froze as he stared down at his chest in disbelief. A huge, bloody hole had appeared. He couldn’t hear his heartbeat anymore, because his heart had exploded at the same time that hole in his chest appeared.

Thud! Andre collapsed onto the ground. Su Jin glanced at the two formidable men who now lay dead on the ground. The two of them had been truly formidable. While it was true that Guillaume had only been able to hurt the pigheaded warrior a little and had to team up with Andre to do so, plus he would have lost if the fight went on for too long, he was still one of the best fighters Su Jin had ever seen.

Andre’s freezing air was also a very powerful Spirit Power. If he didn’t have the Gift from the Gods cloak, it would have been hard to deal with all that ice. Or even if he had the cloak but didn’t have enough Spirit Power to use it, it would be useless to him as well.

But there were no “what ifs” in this world. Andre was just unlucky that he ran into an owner who had an item that could block his best attacks, so he was doomed to die.

After the two men were dealt with, Kano Mai left her vantage point to meet with Su Jin again. “I checked the island and everyone has gone after Situ Jin. I don’t think there’s anyone else on this island.”

“Good, let’s go see how Situ’s doing.” Su Jin nodded and both of them ran toward the building.

Once they were inside the building, Su Jin’s psychokinesis was no longer affected. The item that could block his psychokinesis was only able to protect the building from the outside, but once he was inside, that item ceased to be effective.

Su Jin used his psychokinesis to scan the building and he quickly located Situ Jin because he had left a small trace of it on Situ Jin. To his surprise, Situ Jin seemed to be in trouble and was running for dear life.

“What’s going on?” Su Jin was puzzled. Situ Jin was not as formidable as he was, but his Spirit Power enabled him to get away from attackers much more easily than the rest of the team. It was easy for any of them to defeat him in a fight, but it was hard to attack him because Situ Jin could just hide himself in a shadow. Once he did that, he was practically invisible.

Su Jin continued to extend his psychokinesis from Situ Jin and his eyes immediately widened. He realized that the one running after Situ Jin was actually Shen Wu.

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