Episode 329

God Of War, Azer
4 weeks ago
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The days went by like this. The Demon Lord taught Su Jin and Xu Ran a lesson every day. She was no longer as powerful as during her heyday and her powers were reduced by this universe, but she was still able to thrash the two men like they were merely babies.

BAM! Su Jin flew backward and crashed heavily into the rocks on the ground. Before he could get up, a figure came hurtling toward him.

BAM! There was another loud crash as Xu Ran smashed directly onto Su Jin. He laughed and said, “Oh great, I’ve got someone to cushion my landing.”

“Can you at least get up first?!” hissed Su Jin through gritted teeth. Xu Ran had landed quite comfortably because he served as a mattress.

They both got to their feet and the Demon Lord shook her head at them with a displeased look on her face. “The two of you are really waaaay too weak. At this rate, you won’t even be able to defeat the lowest of deities.”

“Use a weapon if you dare, then,” spat Xu Ran indignantly.

The Demon Lord glared fiercely at him and scoffed. “Did you think you two are the only ones with Spirit Power weapons? Do you really want me to use my Demon Lord’s Longbow to shoot an arrow at you?”

Xu Ran immediately raised a white flag when he heard what she said. He had seen what that longbow could do. It wasn’t the effect it had when Su Jin was using it, but the effect it had when the Demon Lord herself used it. That was a power that could destroy anything. Nothing could hold up against it.

The Demon Lord was about to say more when she stopped herself and looked into the distance. “A deity… is here.”

“What?!” Both Su Jin and Xu Ran were stunned.

“Yep, it’s a deity, and it’s not the Mad Hatter or his friends. This aura… it’s Azer! I can’t believe it’s him!” The Demon Lord furrowed her brows and said to them, “He’s here to look for both of you, so you deal with him yourselves. If you die, I’ll reserve two gravestones for you in my temple.”

“What do you mean by you’d place two gravestones in your temple if we die?! Is that a common practice in your religion?” said Su Jin in annoyance.

“You should at least tell us more about who this Azer guy is, right? Besides, how do you know he’s coming for us?” asked Xu Ran.

“Azer is the god of war of a small civilization. You can say he’s… a weaker god. But because he’s a god of war, he’s one of the best at fighting among the low level gods. Also… this guy used to worship me.” Her voice grew softer and softer.

“Wait, what?!” Su Jin and Xu Ran were shocked.

“If my understanding is correct, this ‘worship’ you’re talking about is actually… you guys were in a relationship, right?” Xu Ran sounded a little excited now.

“If you’d rather be missing a limb or two before engaging a deity in battle, you can go ahead and talk to me like that,” said the Demon Lord with an icy smile on her face.

Xu Ran shuddered and ran to hide behind Su Jin. He didn’t look anything like a top ranking Handbook owner.

“Ahem… I’ll apologize on his behalf. But could you provide us with some information? Is there anything we should take note of in terms of how we should fight him?” asked Su Jin.

The Demon Lord looked at the two of them and paused to think for a second before saying, “Make sure he doesn’t strike a hit. Not even once. That fellow is good at launching multiple attacks, so if he manages to hit you, then even a mid-level god might not be able to defeat him.”

Su Jin and Xu Ran both frowned. This was a god they were talking about. It was easy to say that they had to avoid getting hit, but exactly how were they supposed to do that?

“Also, gods are able to sense the presence of different people. That’s how he managed to locate both of you immediately after getting to this universe. So, if those psychokinesis clones of yours don’t carry a greater presence than your own body, I’d advise you to forget about using them as a distraction.” She patted their shoulders and said, “I’m off!”

She disappeared before they could even respond. They exchanged glances, then Xu Ran said, “Let’s move to the ocean. If we have to fight him in B City, I think the entire city might collapse.”

They flew into the sky and headed straight for N Ocean. Shortly after they arrived, a man with blond hair and blue eyes appeared. His body was very muscular, his muscles as hard as quenched metal. He wore black metallic armor and exuded a very dignified air.

“You’re Azer?” asked Xu Ran.

The man looked at them and said sternly, “You know my name, very good… since you already know who I am, then I don’t have to waste my breath introducing myself. I now use my godly authority to pronounce judgment on both of you! Su Jin, Xu Ran, your journey of life shall end today!”

Azer shook his arms and two balls of fire rose from his clenched fists. He combined the two balls of fire, then pulled them apart mightily, transforming the flames into a long, fiery spear.

“You’re really… a rather unfriendly god!” Xu Ran made a face as he grasped the air and the Vast Skies Sword appeared in front of him.

Su Jin did not watch and wait, and drew a weapon too. But instead of retrieving his boning knife, he chose Chimimoryo. That was because Chimimoryo had requested to be part of the fight once it found out that Su Jin was about to fight a god. It turned out that Chimimoryo had to slay a god in order to become one.

“Prepare to die!” Azer brandished his spear and a long stream of flames blazed in the sky, then flew straight for Su Jin. The heat of the flames were so terrifying, even someone with Su Jin’s body would be burned to ashes.

“Protection of the Gods!” Just then, a cape appeared on Su Jin’s shoulders and flapped in the wind behind him. The flames immediately fizzled out when it came close to Su Jin and did not hurt him at all.

“Cover me!” yelled Su Jin. He was now immune to any element and he was better at close range battles than Xu Ran was.

Xu Ran did not hesitate and threw his sword into the air as he shouted, “Split!” The sword trembled as it made a few dozen clones of itself and flew toward Azer, leaving just enough space for Su Jin to attack as well.

Su Jin moved as quick as lightning as he fit into the space that the Vast Sky Swords left for him, flew toward Azer and punched the god in the chest.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Azer had a look of disdain on his face as he remained exactly where he was. Su Jin realized that the reason why one compared an extremely tough body to a god’s or a demon’s was precisely because… being a god meant having such a body, and Azer’s body was clearly tougher than his own.

BAM! Azer punched Su Jin in the face, making him fly backward like a kite whose string had snapped. Su Jin felt like his entire brain was shaking inside his skull and the punch sent him straight into the sea. He plunged more than a hundred meters into the water before stopping.

“He’s a god, for crying out loud. Getting into a fist fight with him is a dumb thing to do,” Chimimoryo immediately mocked Su Jin.

“I don’t have any experience fighting one…” Su Jin grinned as a silver glow enveloped his body and he flew out of the waters. When he emerged from the waters, he saw a buddha-like figure that was controlled by Xu Ran had caught hold of Azer and looked as though it was about to crush Azer, but Azer had nothing but contempt written on his face.

“Xu Ran, move aside!” shouted Su Jin. Chimimoryo drew its bowstring back. The sky instantly darkened and the winds began howling wildly. Su Jin felt like he could hear the roaring of evil spirits.

Xu Ran had a bad feeling about this, so he released Azer and quickly flew away from him. Immediately after he released Azer, Chimimoryo’s blackish-gray arrow came roaring toward Azer. As the mist whooshed past a corner of Xu Ran’s buddha-like figure, it corroded that corner entirely.

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