Episode 330

3 weeks ago
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The blackish-gray arrow gave off a roar that made every living creature tremble. That was an arrow formed by countless evil spirits and vengeful spirits. Not even a deity would dare to allow that arrow to hit them directly.

There was a look of shock in Azer’s eyes as he let out an angry roar. The spear of flames in his hands dissipated before gathering once more to become a shield of flames in front of him. After that, he started moving backward at high speed in hope to increase the distance between himself and Chimimoryo, because he knew his shield of flames would not be able to block that arrow entirely.

And as he had expected, the arrow got through the shield almost immediately. Only a thin outer layer of the arrow was burned off, so most of the arrow remained undamaged and it continued flying at full force toward Azer.

“Chimimoryo! This longbow should have been destroyed a long time ago and should not be here!” Azer looked both shocked and afraid. He wasn’t bothered by Su Jin and Xu Ran, but he could not ignore Chimimoryo.

It was just like if a human – a high level martial artist too – was faced with two monkeys, they wouldn’t be afraid. But if these two monkeys had a gun and they knew how to shoot it, then the martial artist was in a completely different situation altogether.

Azer kept shouting in order to gather more flames to protect himself. The temperature of the flames was high enough to dry up an entire lake. Su Jin and Xu Ran had to move further away because they couldn’t take the heat.

Azer was surrounded by flames and spewed them out of his nose and mouth. Every pore on his skin seemed to be connected to the flames, so when he thrust his arms forward, the flames surrounding his body immediately shot toward Chimimoryo’s blackish-gray arrow.


An explosion resounded. The arrow continued on its journey forward, leaving only a hole in the flames that had blocked its way. But Su Jin could see that the black arrow was slowly weakening. The flames were burning off some of its energy with each second. It wasn’t much, but it was still something.

“What do we do?” Su Jin asked Xu Ran.

Xu Ran shook his head and said, “There’s nothing more we can do. Anything we try will be burned cleanly by those flames. The clones of my sword immediately melted when they came within range of those flames. My psychokinesis can’t go too near either, or I’d end up with a splitting headache. We can only wait and see how far this arrow of yours can go.”

Su Jin also tried sending his psychokinesis out, but just like what Xu Ran said, he would get a terrible headache once his psychokinesis got too close. Those flames were not ordinary flames at all.

It suddenly became a battle between Chimimoryo and Azer. The blackish-gray arrow continued moving forward but it had slowed down. As it flew closer to the core of the flames, it faced more and more resistance.

Su Jin and Xu Ran were both getting very antsy. Before this, they were sure that they wouldn’t have any trouble fighting a god if they combined forces. But now, they finally realized that they had been too naïve. Gods were powerful characters that transcended humans, after all. For as long as they remained mere mortals, there was no way they could fight a god.

Pfft! Pfft!

The energy from the evil spirits and vengeful ghosts attached to the arrow had been greatly reduced, but Azer’s flames were having trouble holding up too. The flames surrounding him burned white hot and the two sides finally collided. One let out a howl of pain, while the other burst into a bright white flash of light.

The howling stabbed straight into Su Jin and Xu Ran’s consciousness, causing them immense pain. It turned out to be terrifyingly powerful. If their psychokinesis wasn’t strong enough, their consciousness would have collapsed and they would have fainted or even died.

The flash of light stung them terribly as well, causing them to lose their sense of sight and making their eyes tear up involuntarily.

“Damn it, my eyes!” bellowed Xu Ran angrily. His eyes were as red and swollen as two peaches and they hurt badly.

Su Jin was no better off than him. He yelled to Xu Ran, “Use psychokinesis!”

They immediately activated their psychokinesis, because losing their sight during a battle of such proportions could prove to be fatal. Luckily for them, their psychokinesis could make up for their eyesight. Once they spread their psychokinesis out, they could see what was happening in front of them again.

They saw that the arrow had made it past Azer’s white hot flames, stabbing through Azer’s chest and making the god cry out in pain.

Both of them were delighted to see this, but before they could start celebrating, their expressions fell. Azer looked like he was in pain, but there was also a mocking smile on his face.

“The impact of Chimimoryo’s arrow has been reduced by too much, so it can’t inflict significant harm on Azer,” said Su Jin with a sigh. That arrow had pierced Azer’s skin, but it wasn’t able to cause much damage. Azer would probably consider this nothing more than a superficial wound.

“You foolish things! If this is your best move, then… you’re doomed for sure!” Azer slammed a palm against his chest and the hole that Chimimoryo’s arrow had made immediately healed up.

He clapped his hands and a new weapon of flames appeared in his hand. This time, it was a saber made from flames. He held the saber up and brandished it toward Xu Ran.

Xu Ran moved so quickly, he seemed to have teleported to a new location as he dodged the attack. At the same time, he shook his arms and butterflies flew up from his arms. The butterflies looked ethereal as they swarmed toward Azer and surrounded him completely.

“Illusion Butterflies! These are pretty rare!” Azer scoffed in disdain before spewing flames out from his eyes, which burned up all the butterflies instantly.

Xu Ran grimaced when he saw the butterflies burn up. Just like what Azer had said, the butterflies were hard to come by. He had gotten them by chance from a Challenge and these butterflies could immerse a person in an illusion. It was supposed to be one of his trump cards, yet it had no effect whatsoever on Azer.

“Foolish ant!” Azer got to Xu Ran in less than a second and his body was still covered in flames. Xu Ran tried to move away again, but failed to do so.

“HAHA! You have a skill that allows you to move through space, but I am able to burn and twist the space around me, so your teleporting will not work!” Azer was the god of war of a civilization and he was once a Handbook owner too, so his fighting techniques and experience in battles were way beyond either of them, and he immediately figured out how Xu Ran had managed to switch locations so easily and how to prevent Xu Ran from using this skill going forward.

Azer swung his saber of flames at Xu Ran’s head, but Xu Ran did not summon any other items from his Handbook. He grit his teeth, let out an angry roar and shot a beam of silver light out to deflect Azer’s saber.

“Now!” Su Jin seized the chance to pull the bowstring of Chimimoryo back and sent another arrow toward Azer. But this time, Azer just smirked and did not bother moving aside.

Azer stretched his arm out and caught hold of the arrow before setting the arrow on fire and burning it to ashes.

“Humph! Did you really think that it could keep shooting arrows capable of destroying gods without any limit?” snorted Azer.

“He’s right. I can only shoot such a powerful arrow once every ten days. An ordinary attack will not be able to hurt him,” Chimimoryo’s voice echoed inside Su Jin’s head.

Su Jin almost broke Chimimoryo into two at this point. It should have said so earlier!

Azer decided to leave Su Jin alone for the time being because Su Jin was able to fend off elemental attacks, which reduced the damage he could cause. He decided to kill Xu Ran first, then deal with Su Jin.

Azer made a grab for Xu Ran, but even though Xu Ran couldn’t teleport, he still had other ways of getting away. A gold glow flickered beneath his feet and he shot out like a shooting star.

“Why, you little rat! How very slippery!” Azer was extremely displeased as the flames on his body intensified and he chased after Xu Ran at a speed higher than Xu Ran’s.

When Su Jin saw the situation they were in, he said to Chimimoryo, “We’ll talk about killing a god another time,” then retrieved his boning knife from his Handbook. If he wanted to kill Azer, then this knife was the only thing that could.

Su Jin held the boning knife up. He didn’t have enough psychokinesis to use Punishment, so he could only use Judgment. But Judgment was a very powerful skill as well, so as long as he didn’t miss, it would probably be able to injure Azer severely.

Azer immediately sensed the presence of the boning knife and he turned to stare in disbelief at the knife in Su Jin’s hands. He spat, “Those idiots! So, the weapon they forged was for you!”

“Judgment!” Su Jin activated Judgment and he could sense that an area in front of him was locked down, and Azer was within this area.

All of Azer’s hair stood on end. He could sense the ferocity of the boning knife, the terrifying power it possessed. He let out a roar in hope of dealing with Su Jin before the attack hit him, or at least deflect the attack.


But unfortunately for him, Su Jin moved too quickly. Judgment immediately took effect at the same time he tried to charge at Su Jin. A black beam swept through the area in front of Su Jin and Azer ran as fast as he could, but the beam still hit half his body.

PFFT! Azer’s body was sliced into half at the waist and his lower half turned to ashes. His upper body barely managed to escape the scope of the attack and floated in the sky, surrounded by flames.

“Gotta kick him when he’s down!” Xu Ran suddenly appeared with the Vast Skies Sword in hand. The sword created a gigantic sword from the air and came crashing down toward Azer’s head.

Azer was badly injured and couldn’t escape, so he could only watch as Xu Ran’s sword came hurtling down from above. But just when the sword was about to strike his head, the sword of air suddenly braked, then disappeared completely.

“What the hell? Suddenly lost your boner?!” Su Jin couldn’t believe Xu Ran. They couldn’t afford to let Azer catch his breath if they wanted to kill him. But Xu Ran merely smiled sadly and shook his head, then pointed at something behind Su Jin.

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