Ep.41: Acting Crazy

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Su Jin knew that if he threw this punch with all his might, Thomas might die, so he only used 40% of his strength. But even so, Thomas flew out like a kite whose string had been broken, flying backwards, and crashed hard into the doors of the meeting room, then slumped down onto the floor and lost consciousness.

The entire room fell silent. Thomas was taller than 1.9 meters and weighed at least 130 kilograms, so he was at least twice Su Jin’s size. Nobody could believe that Su Jin managed to send someone twice his size flying like that.

“Oh dear! He’s considered an international partner of ours, you know? You’ve really crossed the line!” Ye Yun sounded like she was chiding Su Jin, but she was obviously enjoying the show.

Su Jin’s lips twitched. He didn’t expect things to get so bad. He was so glad that he hadn’t used every ounce of strength that he had. Otherwise he might have punched a hole in Thomas’ stomach instead of making him fly across the room.

“Well, when he said those rude things earlier, the fact that I’m an international partner of his didn’t seem to bother him either.” What was done was done. Su Jin wasn’t going to apologize for it. It was Thomas’ fault for speaking without a filter.

But the rest of the team from Thor Security Services had gotten angry. All of them were seasoned fighters and coordinated their actions well as they immediately came forward to hold Su Jin down. They couldn’t possibly sit there and do nothing while Su Jin bashed up a brother of theirs and ruined their reputation at the same time.

However, Su Jin’s reaction time was way faster than the average human. He was already prepared to counterattack the moment the other men got up, but to his surprise, Ye Yun was the one who actually started fighting first.

Her fighting prowess was truly incredible. Even though Su Jin was now a lot stronger physically, he wasn’t confident of defeating Ye Yun in a fight because she had technique that he didn’t have. Also, Ye Yun was very experienced in actual fights. Any martial arts school in this city could vouch for that.

Ye Yun’s strategy was clearly to take the leader down first. She moved nimbly past everyone and was next to Kevin in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, Kevin’s attention was focused on Su Jin and even if he did notice Ye Yun approaching him, he didn’t think much of it.

But he soon regretted not being wary of Ye Yun. She grabbed hold of his arm, pulled it behind him, then used her right foot to step down on Kevin’s calf from the back while keeping her own knee pressed against the back of Kevin’s knee. She pulled his arm back in such a manner that his body was bent like a bow, which made it impossible for him to attack her at all.

At the same time, her other hand had somehow managed to grab hold of the pen that was already on the table. She had already removed the pen cap and its sharp nib was now pointed at Kevin’s jugular vein.

“All of you, don’t move!” Ye Yun had no idea if the rest besides Kevin and Thomas understood any Mandarin, but she was pretty sure that her actions didn’t need any explanation.

Everyone immediately stopped and stared at Ye Yun in shock. Su Jin was the most horrified as he quickly shouted, “Oh my god! Don’t make things worse! Let go of him!”

“What do you mean by ‘don’t make things worse’? I’ve already come to the point where I don’t care anymore! If you don’t agree to my conditions, I’ll kill him!” Ye Yun seemed even more excited now. The pen nib inched even close to Kevin’s throat and looked like it was about to pierce his skin.

“Calm down! If you end up making your cousin angry by doing this, you might not get anything you want in the end!” Su Jin had no choice but to use Tang Ning to threaten Ye Yun, since Ye Yun seemed to listen to Tang Ning.

But Ye Yun scoffed and kicked Kevin’s butt as she yelled back, “I’m not afraid of her! You’d better agree to all my conditions, or I’ll kill him!”

Su Jin tried not to burst out laughing. This girl was obviously being dramatic, but he had no choice but to play along. Otherwise, who knew what this girl who used to threaten to commit suicide would do?

“Okay, okay. Let go of him and we can talk about what you want. Let’s sit down and talk nicely, how about that?”

“Do you think I’m stupid? I’m going to state my conditions right now! One, I want independence! I want to move into my own place! Two, do not get anyone to follow me or watch me 24/7! Three, I…I want to go bungee jumping!”

“What the…” Su Jin couldn’t believe what he just heard. This girl had obviously planned this right from the start. She had intended to threaten a business partner in order to force her parents into letting her have what she wanted. And if she succeeded in getting her way, Su Jin was sure he was going to get blamed for this.

“You’re still taking your time to consider? I’ll slice his arm off first then!” Ye Yun looked a little panicky and she raised her voice to scare Su Jin.

But Su Jin was no longer worried when he saw the fear in her eyes. She had planned all of this, but she didn’t dare to actually do anything to hurt someone else. If her parents were here, she might revert to being the good girl she usually was if they told her to.

“Ye Yun! I hear you’re gonna slice someone’s arm off? I’d bet you don’t have the guts to do so!” Just then, Tang Ning marched into the meeting room with a pile of documents in hand. Su Jin immediately noticed that Ye Yun’s gaze trembled slightly.

“S-sis…” Ye Yun even started to stammer.

Tang Ning narrowed her large eyes and said threateningly, “If you let go of Mr. Kevin now, I will take it that nothing ever happened.”

Ye Yun looked like she was in a dilemma, but a few seconds later, she gritted her teeth and yelled, “No! I’ve taken a huge risk to come this far! I’m not leaving with nothing!”

Tang Ning wasn’t upset by her cousin’s retort. She nodded thoughtfully and said, “You’re right. This is the most meticulous plan I’ve ever seen you come up with, so I think it’s only fair that you walk out of this place with something. Tell you what, I’ll agree to your third condition.”

“Really?” Ye Yun looked like she didn’t expect this at all. She blinked several times and asked, “You’re good with my third condition?”

“Yes, I’ve agreed to it. Also, don’t worry, I guarantee you that your parents won’t make any protest. BUT…we will still decide who goes with you.”

Ye Yun let go of Kevin and she only handed the pen over when Tang Ning stretched a hand out towards her.

Su Jin rolled his eyes as he said, “For the sake of going bungee jumping, you went so far as to hold someone hostage?”

“You don’t know the backstory, so you don’t understand.” Ye Yun had a mysterious look on her face when she said this and Su Jin wasn’t sure if he should believe her or not.

Tang Ning patted Su Jin’s shoulder and sighed. “Stay calm at all times! You’ll get used to this girl. It isn’t the first time she’s pulling a stunt like this. Also, I’ll have to trouble you to accompany her bungee jumping.”

“No way!” Su Jin wasn’t afraid of most things but he was really afraid of heights. An activity like bungee jumping would never make it to his bucket list.

“No way am I letting you say no way,” said Tang Ning with a big grin as she patted his shoulder.

“Now I know why you didn’t want to bring her along.” Su Jin pulled a long face. Even though Ye Yun hadn’t actually injured anyone, she did pose a threat to most people. It was little wonder that Tang Ning had been unwilling to let her tag along.

Tang Ning told Su Jin and Ye Yun to leave the room, then smiled as she apologized to Kevin and his team, “I’m really sorry about this, Mr. Kevin! My cousin is really…”

“It’s all right. Both of them are real fighters, perfect in both strength and technique. Are they the trainers from your company whom we will be working with?” Kevin wasn’t offended and actually showed his admiration for the two of them.

Tang Ning shook her head and laughed. “No, no, those two…If you need troublemakers, no problem, but if you need security personnel, you’ve got to look elsewhere. I’ll still be counting on everyone here to train our staff.”

“That’s too bad! But if it’s possible, I hope that we could get more chances to interact with the both of them. Also…could you call a doctor for my subordinate over there?” said Kevin calmly as he pointed at the unconscious Thomas by the door.

“Of course!” Tang Ning smiled.

Meanwhile, Su Jin and Ye Yun were walking around the office. It seemed like it was Ye Yun’s first time visiting the office. She kept asking him questions and looked about with a curious look on her face.

“When did you start being so…unrestrained?” Su Jin wasn’t sure how else to describe Ye Yun’s behavior.

Ye Yun continued skipping along and said, “I’m not going to answer you.”


“Like I said before, you don’t know the backstory. If I could live like an ordinary person, I’d definitely be the good daughter my parents want me to be and I’d find a nice boy to settle down with. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for me.”

“What’s happened? You can see your future? You saw a vision of how the world got destroyed and so you decided to just live life in any way you want?” remarked Su Jin casually as he waved at his colleague to greet him, then realized that Ye Yun had suddenly stopped walking and was staring at him in shock.

“Well…you’re quite close.” Ye Yun broke into a smile after snapping out of her initial shock. For that moment, Su Jin felt like this seemingly outrageous girl was really facing some trouble of her own.

“You know…I’ve said this before, if you’re facing any difficulties or if you’re worried about something, you can talk to me about it. I know…perhaps you don’t see us as friends and I guess that’s only normal but…but if you don’t mind, I don’t mind being your friend.” Su Jin rambled a bit in between nervously probably because he did really like this crazy girl.

Ye Yun didn’t say anything and just looked at him quietly. She waited until he was done talking, then nodded slightly and smiled. “Of course we’re friends. It’s not easy to find someone who’s still willing to talk to me after getting bashed up by me for an entire month.”

“Looks like you’ve discovered one of my strengths.”

“You’ve got a body that can take a beating?”


“If you say so. When are we going bungee jumping?”

“I’m not going bungee jumping.”

“My cousin said you have to. So when are we going?”

“Little Miss Trouble, can we talk about something else?”

“No way!”

Tang Ning’s discussion with Kevin went very smoothly. Thor Security Services was willing to be trainers for Stellar Skies’ new security subsidiary. Also, after Thomas regained consciousness, the first thing he did wasn’t to get angry at Su Jin but to start insisting that he wanted to learn Chinese kungfu from Su Jin.

The next morning, Su Jin returned to his rented bungalow after he had bought a pile of groceries. Even though Li Man was just dropping by to thank him formally, he felt that it was common courtesy to ask her to stay for a meal. This was the first time a female colleague was coming to visit him and he didn’t want to seem rude.

“You’ve bought so much food and you’re just passing it all to me?” Kano Mai glared at Su Jin.

“I’ll leave this food in your good hands, team mate-san.” Su Jin bowed deeply towards Kano Mai.

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