Episode 1

It’s My First Time Being Possessed
3 months ago
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The sound of something breaking could be heard.
The taste of cereal in my mouth was sweet yet slightly bitter.

Finding joy in the idea that cereal ought to have the flavors of mint and perilla leaves struck me as quite absurd at the moment.


I irritatedly played with the spoon and then sighed deeply.

I lifted my gaze to look around.

The cramped room.
A bleak landscape with hardly any proper clothes, let alone furniture.
Only the sun shining through the window helped me know that this was a place where people live.

Then, I turned my gaze towards the ceiling.

It was familiar, but strange.
It was familiar because I have been staring at it for the past 2 days, and the reason it was strange was also because it had only been two days.

“…Phew, I guess I need to start accepting it now.

A total of 48 hours.
It seemed like it was time to start understanding the situation after denying reality for so long.

I had fallen into the world called (Gonis Archive Life).
In short, it wasn’t referred to as ‘Gonal’ but as ‘GAL’.

“Ah… they could have named it better.”

No, on second thought, maybe this provocative name was what drew the people in, so the game company might have liked this.


“…Thinking back, it’s ridiculous.”

Even after thinking it over 10 times, 100 times, and 1000 times, it just didn’t make sense.

No matter how much I thought about it, I hadn’t committed any sin to deserve falling into this place.

To explain how I came to open my eyes to this world. I need to go back to the day before I possessed.

The day before.
That day was just as ordinary.

Turning on the computer’s main unit, then the headset, hastily crafting a ‘vulgar’ title for the sake of attracting attention, and starting the broadcast on such days.

An internet broadcaster.
Formerly known as a streamer, I quit my original job and switched to this field, living day by day on broadcasts.

In my case, instead of comprehensive games, I mainly focused on mobile games commonly referred to as ‘subculture’, and among them, (Gonis Archive Life) was my main and core game.

‘It is popular and fun.’

‘GAL’ was a mobile game that belonged to the genre commonly referred to as a ‘bonsai game’ (short game).

Short playtime and easily completed daily quests.

Cute and charming female characters.

In other words, it was a work made of beautiful girls.

Essentially, it was a game centered around these girls, where you draw them through gacha.

Investing in-game currency to see them grow, and capturing their dazzling journey as they overcome their deeply personal pasts and daily lives through individual stories. That was the main focus.

There were various games of this genre, but ‘GAL’ gained great popularity for its feature of thoroughly taking care of both casual and hardcore players.

Equipment and [Skills and Trait Runes] obtained through drops or purchases within the game were pivotal.

Using these, players could achieve entirely different outcomes with the same beautiful girl, etc.

Actually, there was also the fun of growing stronger by mixing and matching to one’s own taste.

Moreover, by periodically patching so that it didn’t focus on just one It Skill and more, it was hailed as a ‘God Game’.

“It isn’t for nothing that it has been in the number 1 position in mobile game rankings for 6 straight years. Right, everyone?”

[Ah, bro. No one cares about that stuff. Just shut up and play the game.]
[Yes, but that’s just 20th in the sales ranking~ 20th in sales ranking~]
[Excuse me, when are you doing the gacha? You are a full on gacha streamer, right?]
[Hmm, is that so?]

As expected of my channel viewers, they never acknowledged what the streamer said, even if it meant something.

But still, the reason they had gathered was surely to see my amazing gameplay.

“There’s a reason I got a million views on my stage clear video, right?”

[Hmm, is that so?]
[Hmm, is that so?]
[Hmm, is that so?]

“Alright, now then, as a warm-up. I will start with stages 95-99. I will beat <Lunch in Hell> first.”

[Ack, dirty waters.]
[Are you dirty? It stinks.]
[When this person occasionally goes all newbie friendly~ I really wanna beat the shit of him, you know?]

No matter what the viewers said, I opened the window without hesitation.

I confidently selected one of the standing pretty girls and placed her in the <Leader> position.

She was a small girl with black bob hair that reached her neck and a pair of soft, squishy cat ears.

[Manager! Please take good care of us today, too!]

When I picked her up with the mouse, she was also lifted into the air and saluted with a snap. It was so adorable.

However, despite the character being so precious looking to me, the viewers didn’t seem to feel the same.

[Ahh! A born 1 ★ trash character!]
[Meow alert, meow alert, ahhh! Ahhhhh!]
[The royal pig’s feet are coming in, meow~~.]

Well, such reactions weren’t that strange.

Her name was Ma Hana.

Commonly known as ‘Meowy’, this character was what you would call a trap or mine character, which comes out by the dozens every time you do a gacha.

Well, it was fine.
This wasn’t the first or second time for me to encounter such a reaction, and I knew how to handle it.

I immediately formed a party led by [Ma Hana].

I boldly stepped into a stage notorious for its difficulty.

10 minutes later.

The result was a 3☆, proving our success with the highest scores in all categories.

[Woah… to think you actually cleared it with just a cat.]
[Why isn’t my cat like that? Mine must be bugged then, lol.]
[Woah, Prof. That is because this owner here has spent 3,000 hours on it. It isn’t your cat that is strange]
[Honestly, even with 3,000 hours invested, I doubt I could do what he did. This game bans auto and add-ons, requiring you to check skills by the second, monitor enemy movement, and perfectly trigger passives and blessings to counter that monstrous firepower. And he does it as the main tank, not even dodging?]
[Seeing it all now, there is no need for such effort when the naturally 5★ [Uraka] can block all attacks like a mountain.]
[That is what you call surprise worship, hehe.]

“Anyway, this is enough for warming up… let us move on to the proxy gacha time.”

Ignoring the cheering (?) viewers here and there, I promptly checked the account, which came via email.
Then logged into (Gonis Archive Life).

Upon doing so, the first screen was the game lobby.

A beautiful girl with fluttering blonde hair and blue eyes greeted me from the banner.

She waved the sword in her hand back and forth.

She enticed the players commonly known as ‘Map Masters’. The sword dance dazzled their eyes.

It was this game’s rare ‘Limited Character’ [Holy Transformation Nidia].

“Let’s see…. If it appears within the 200 tries, stop, and if not, go till the end… I get it. Don’t worry too much. I tend to have good luck.”

[This guy is bulshitting again.]
[What nonsense.]
[Yeah, right, lol. Just 10 tickets will do, lol lol.]

Just watch.
I will show you how lucky I am.

Without hesitation, I spun the 10 ticket pull.

Then, this white haired unknown girl, still brimming with bait, threw a white envelope towards the ground.

Swish! Papers burst out from it.

Each and everyone was in a radiant pink color.


[Lol, not even a 2-star?]
[Lol, I knew this would happen.]

No, it isn’t over yet.

This game often featured a backstabbing play.

It was something called a plot twist.

Especially at times like this, one must come out even more shamelessly.

I put strength into my voice and screamed like I was cursing.

“I got it on my 10th try. Is this a good thing?”

But, despite my shout, only cards began to continue.

And among them, the cute black-haired girl.

Commonly called Meowy, she showed her beautiful face again.

The problem was… it happened about 5 times in a row… well, quite a lot actually.

[Lol, as expected, first timers are just sacrificial lambs.]
[Puke~ Digest it all well~]

Damn it.
It seems you can’t fill your belly with the first spoonful.
Just as I was about to skip with a click of my mouse…


With a sudden burst of light, this pink envelope turned blue and then began to give out this amazing rainbow glow.

[Fuck, fuck, fuck!]
[Ah, this crap again!]
[Yes, it is a duplicate one. It cannot be Nidia, right? It cannot be.]

Viewers were all shocked with this sudden disaster (?).
However, contrary to their hopes, what appeared was the cutscene, which played at a new character gain.

[I will serve you from now on, bearing the body of holy flame. Please take good care of me. I am Nidia.]

Even those words felt like icing on cake!

“Kyaak! This is it~!”

Chat messages like ‘fuck fuck’, ‘it cannot be’ were posted, but none of that mattered.

I was simply proud of having saved yet another poor ‘Guide’ today.


And perhaps it was my kind heart that got rewarded.

[‘Please Possess Me Instead’ has donated 100,000 won.]
[First account manager here. Thank you, Prof. I have put a little token of appreciation here. Ah~~~(Gonis Archive Life)!!! I love it! Take my body, my soul, everything~~~]

I ended up receiving a sweet reward.

“Woah! 100,000 won~~~ Thank you so much for this donation~ Ah, but please don’t say you will offer your soul. What if it really gets taken away~?”




Of course, it was a joke.

Who would take such a thing seriously?

But unfortunately, it seemed like the person who dumped me here, took it seriously.

After ending the broadcast that day and finally getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in a while, I woke up to find myself here, damn it…

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