Chapter 30 - A Threat

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Someone snapped up the muscular man’s things in an instant once Gu Suihan said that he was selling them all for just 200 Spiritual Stones. If he had bothered to sell them one by one, he might have gotten a little more than 250 Spiritual Stones for them. But Gu Suihan couldn’t be bothered and he didn’t even know if he was going to come to this place again, so he found it easier to just sell everything off cheaply now.

After Gu Suihan told those with less than 500 Spiritual Stones to get lost, a number of disciples moved away. Those who stayed behind were mostly eyeing the magic weapons.

“These three are mid grade magic weapons with five magic formations inside that are connected to one another. They’re considered some of the best among mid grade weapons, so it’s 500 each. If you think it’s too expensive, get lost,” said Gu Suihan as he slowly pointed out the three weapons he got from Chuan Xin’s storage ring.

“I’ll take the sword for 1,500,” said a man in a black robe and a hood over his head.

Everyone instantly fell silent and turned to look at who just said that. Their expressions changed dramatically as they wondered to themselves, “What’s going on? Is there a gathering of the most formidable disciples we didn’t know about? Why are they all here?”

The man in a black robe was Zhao Wei, a disciple from the East Compound who was well known for being unbridled. He took on sect missions all the time and spent most of his time gaining experience from outside the sect, so he was a fairly formidable fighter.

“You can have it for 1,300,” said Gu Suihan lazily. This sword was worth just a little more than 1,300 Spiritual Stones at best, but this man was offering 1,500, which meant that he had other intentions. But Gu Suihan didn’t want to owe him anything. As the saying goes, no stranger is nice to you for no reason. He remembered that phrase well.

Everyone else stared at Gu Suihan in shock and wondered if there was something wrong with Gu Suihan’s brain. Someone was offering a higher price and not only was Gu Suihan refusing to sell at that price, but he also insisted on selling it at a lower price.

Zhao Wei’s expression fell. He had seen how Gu Suihan had killed the first man without hesitation, but this weapon was something he really needed, so he hoped to offer a higher price in order to become friendly with Gu Suihan and make Gu Suihan feel indebted to him. Unfortunately, Gu Suihan was more willing to lower the price than to befriend him in any way.

“Alright, thanks then.” There was a gleam in Zhao Wei’s eyes as he threw a bag at Gu Suihan and stretched his right palm out. The sword flew up from the ground and into his right palm as if his hand was a magnet. He scanned the sword with his Spiritual Sense and a tiny look of glee lit up his face. He nodded slightly at Gu Suihan, stared a little more intently at him, then squeezed his way through the crowd.

After some haggling, Chuan Xin’s spear and remaining weapons were sold. Gu Suihan now had more than 5,000 Spiritual Stones and could finally buy some things of his own.

The sword that Elder Wang gave him wasn’t too bad, but he didn’t fancy the magic formation runes carved on the inside, so he decided to just sell it off as well.

After walking a long way, Gu Suihan finally reached the sect’s official shop. Peak Five was in charge of making equipment, so not only did they sell magic weapons and spiritual weapons, but they also sold various treasures. But most of the time, it was the disciples who provided them with the treasures needed to custom make a weapon along with some craftsman fees.

The magic weapons and spiritual weapons were mostly sold to external and internal disciples. One could use Contribution Points in exchange for these items, or they could use Spiritual Stones or rare natural treasures to pay for these weapons. It was more expensive to pay in Spiritual Stones and rare treasures, but at least that helped the sect to take back some of the resources spent on the disciples, so this was a supported mode of payment.

Gu Suihan wasn’t here only to make a spiritual weapon. He had many other important things to do as well.

He looked at the seven-story building in front of him and raised an eyebrow. He hoped the people inside could make what he wanted.

Once he stepped through the door, a young man rushed over and asked very enthusiastically, “Hello, sir! How can I help you today? We can make bespoke1 items, but we have some ready-made items for sale as well. We also provide full repair services.”

“Is that all you have?” Gu Suihan frowned as he observed the items in the shop.

The weapons looked pretty, but they were all low-level magic weapons.

For example, the sword on his left only had one Frosty Formation and one Illusion Formation set of runes carved on the inside. Yet the meter-long sword gave off a chilly glow as the blade itself was slightly bluish, with a carving of a dragon and phoenix in the middle plus a garnet embedded in the hilt. The sword looked dazzling yet powerful.

“No sir, you’re mistaken.” The young man instantly realized that Gu Suihan was not one of those low-level cultivators who wanted a weapon to show off, so he quickly added, “These are targeted at the new disciples allocated to the North and South Compounds. The mid-grade magic weapons are on the second story, while the high-grade magic weapons are on the third story. Spiritual weapons are on the fourth floor. That’s where all the good stuff’s at.”

As the young man spoke, he glanced almost unnoticeably at the jade token hanging from Gu Suihan’s waist and thought, he’s from the East Compound? I’ve never seen him before. Is he new?

“I can get something custom made here, right?” Gu Suihan followed the young man upstairs and looked around at the same time.

“Of course,” replied the young man immediately before looking a little hesitant. “But…the weapon refiners only do bespoke spiritual weapons. They don’t accept orders for magic weapons.”

He thought that as a new disciple, Gu Suihan would have a few hundred Spiritual Stones at best. Most of the time, only disciples that had been around for several years would custom make a weapon after saving up a large number of Contribution Points.

“That’s good to hear. I do intend to custom make a spiritual weapon,” said Gu Suihan with a faint smile. “Don’t worry, just go ahead and tell me how much it costs.”

The young man nearly rolled his eyes. How could a new disciple possibly afford this service?

But of course, he didn’t dare to say any of this out loud. He replied honestly, “It starts at 2,000 and increases depending on what other special requests you have and how difficult it is to make.”

“Sounds good,” said Gu Suihan with a pleased smile. He didn’t look embarrassed or awkward like the young man had expected.

The young man brought Gu Suihan to a waiting room and excused himself quietly. This wasn’t a place where he dared to even speak loudly. Weapon refiners were all Advanced Foundation Establishment or even Origin Core cultivators with very bad tempers.

A few moments later, an old man strolled in leisurely with a zisha teapot in hand2( In general, Chinese tea is best served in ceramic teapots, zisha or not. Glass is for pretty flower teas and the cast iron ones are usually good for Japanese teas.]. His steps were steady and he carried himself like he was a deity of sorts.

“What sort of spiritual weapon do you want? List all your requests. Do you want us to provide the raw materials or are you going to provide them?” The old man didn’t look too happy. He had been pondering a difficult question earlier and had just begun to solve it when he was told that a disciple from the East Compound wanted to make a bespoke spiritual weapon and that this disciple was actually a newbie.

He was annoyed but this was his job, after all, and so he had no choice but to set the question aside for the moment. But he also took his time and let Gu Suihan wait. In his mind, a new disciple with more than 1,000 Spiritual Stones was already a surprise. A good spiritual weapon cost nearly 10,000, and it was common for really high grade or rare ones to cost a few hundred thousand. No way a newbie disciple without any backers would have that many Spiritual Stones on themselves.

Gu Suihan noticed the old man’s annoyed expression, but his smile remained as bright as ever as he replied, “I need you to make me a sword. To be very specific, I need a weapon base. So don’t carve any formation runes on it.”

“A spiritual weapon without formation runes? What is that even?” The old man started to get angry, believing that Gu Suihan didn’t know anything and was wasting his time. He was determined to teach this boy a lesson later.

That was against the sect rules, but making things difficult for a newbie wasn’t very difficult for him.

“I said, I just want a weapon base. You don’t get it?” Gu Suihan’s expression fell as he was losing patience. This old man was only at Beginner Origin Core and he had arrived at this stage by force, damaging his Spiritual Root in the process, so he was probably going to breathe his last in a few years’ time.

Gu Suihan was far more fearful of Disciplinarian Zhang, all because Disciplinarian Zhang was going to live for a few more centuries as long as nothing untoward happened to him. But this old man? He was just someone who was about to die.

The old man glanced at Gu Suihan and scoffed. “I’m an Origin Core weapon refiner, so making me refine a weapon base is an insult to me. You want me to make one? Sure. The starting price will be at 10,000 Spiritual Stones. If you can’t afford it, scram.” He could afford to throw his weight about. After all, an Origin Core cultivator could crush a cultivator who wasn’t even at Foundation Establishment as easily as crushing an ant.

“Hoho,” Gu Suihan chuckled. He retrieved a jade slip from his sleeve and placed it on the table as he said in a mocking voice, “Who do you think you are? You’re just a useless old fart who’s about to die and you think you’re something? According to rule 52 of the sect, if you use your level of cultivation to force me to do something for your own benefit, I can report you to the Disciplinarian Court as long as I have proof of such behavior.”

“The punishment will vary according to the crime. In less serious cases, you will lose your status, any job you hold within the sect, and complete sect missions as an offender until you have amassed 1,000 Contribution Points. In serious cases, your level of cultivation will be wiped out and you will be sent to the mines to be a miner for the rest of your life.”

The old man lost the arrogance he displayed earlier and glared angrily at the jade slip in Gu Suihan’s hand as he cursed inwardly. This boy is so scheming, he thought. Gu Suihan had purposely agitated him so that he would say something that went against the sect rules and used an Image Capturing Formation to record everything.

Gu Suihan smirked and rapped his knuckles against the table. “Well, was I right in saying that?”

The old man suddenly felt a shiver down his spine when he saw that smile. He was livid as he hissed back, “You did that on purpose. You purposely agitated me so that you could catch me slipping up and I’d do whatever you want me to. You want me to make you a weapon for free, don’t you?”

The Clacker’s (Extra Premium Super Luxury) Tea Party

Today’s tea recommendation: Dongfang Meiren. The best one I bought was a competition winner that cost US$55 for 150g. Expensive but sooooo good. But still not as expensive as a zisha teapot. Class: *********

  1. TL-san being Boujie, this just means custom made. ↩️

  2. [Zisha Teapots ↩️

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