Chapter 44 - Tracing His Past

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“You can have this.” Li Rong threw a small bottle at Mo Yuluo.

“What’s this for?” She curiously scanned the bottle with her spiritual sense, only to find that it contained the blood of a non-cultivator.

A sinister smile spread across Li Rong’s face. “That’s the blood from the heart of someone from Gu Suihan’s line of the family. I’m sure you know why I’ve passed it to you.”

“Tsk!” Mo Yuluo looked oddly at Li Rong, then she lifted her dainty wrist and poured out one drop of blood. Her pretty face turned solemn as she called out, “Atavistic Retrospection, Invisible Karma!”

There was a popping sound as the floating drop of blood instantly turned into a bloodied mist that covered Mo Yuluo’s eyes.

Countless tiny lines that crisscrossed each other randomly suddenly appeared on the plain bottle that she was holding.

These lines represented one’s karma, which was connected to all the deeds that the owner of this drop of blood had done, all the people and things that the owner had interacted with.

Mo Yuluo could feel a heavy pressure weighing on her consciousness. She could sense that these seemingly simple-looking lines contained terrifying things.

“I…I can see it…” murmured Mo Yuluo as her fair fingers gently touched the lines on the bottle that connected her to a different space. At that moment, she felt like her mind was shaking violently as if those lines were sending an endless amount of information into her brain.

“Look, this is our youngest brother.”

“This Gu Suihan is so weird. He just coops himself up in his own section of the house and refuses to go out and play.”

“Gu Suihan! How dare you hit me! I’m going to get you for this!”

Countless fragments of memories flashed before Mo Yuluo’s eyes. Some were painful, some happy; some were pleasant, some were angry.

“Search for the Cause, Finding the Effect.” A little blood began to dribble from Mo Yuluo’s lips and her face was as white as a sheet. She looked like a fragile white lily that needed to be treated with great care.

“Gu Suihan told me to wipe all of you out.”

“WHAT?!! I won’t let you off! Not even when I’m dead!”

All of a sudden, a powerful hatred that threatened to fill the entire universe surged out from one of the lines. It carried a terrifying and murderous intent as it shot toward Mo Yuluo’s watery eyes. She could sense that the source of that powerful hatred was very close by.

Oh no! Mo Yuluo’s heart was instantly thrown into a panic. How could this be? How could Gu Suihan happen to be right next to her?

“Gu Suihan is…” her lips trembled as she barely got these words out of her mouth.

Before she could finish her sentence, Li Rong suddenly felt an icy presence behind him and he broke into a cold sweat.

Li Rong noticed the anxious look in Mo Yuluo’s eyes and got a shock. There was no time to think, so he pulled out a stack of talismans from his storage ring and sent them flying. He activated all of them as the dark green jade pendant filled with Murderous Qi buzzed loudly.

“Spirits Be Gone! Escape Samsara!” The panic in Li Rong’s eyes disappeared as he grabbed the frozen Mo Yuluo and pulled her closer to him as he sent out a wave of spiritual energy from his fingertips. Several rotting jiangshi with threatening looks on their faces fell from the sky and surrounded the two of them.

Dang! A long arrow with a jagged edge flew through the air and pierced through the chest of the muscular jiangshi standing in front of Li Rong. The impact of the arrow forced the jiangshi to move several meters backward, its feet creating two deep channels in the ground.

Pfft! The continuous attack on her consciousness ate away at Mo Yuluo, making her vomit a mouthful of blood and turning her face a whiter shade of pale. Her spiritual sense was badly injured, so she quickly swallowed a pill to stop her injuries from getting worse. She murmured softly, “Find the Path, Locate and Detect.”

The red glow and aura of violence over her eyes slowly dissipated and her pupils burned dark green like the eyes of a demon.

As everything was tinted with a light shade of green, Mo Yuluo could finally see where the source of danger was. An expressionless young man stood nearly a hundred meters away from them with a terrifying longbow in his hand.

What a high-level concealing spell he knows, she thought. If she hadn’t used a spell to aid her vision, she would never have detected Gu Suihan at all. Without the help of the spell, Gu Suihan would have looked just like a branch of the large tree he was standing on.

“Wow, speak of the devil.” Li Rong had a nasty look on his face even though he was smiling.

“So, you were the one behind all this,” Gu Suihan’s icy voice filled the air as he flashed Mo Yuluo a faint smile. Mo Yuluo stared back at him and her body trembled slightly with anger. His piercing gaze moved a few inches below her face and his smile widened.

Mo Yuluo felt terribly cold all over as he looked like he was staring a hole in her chest, his lecherous gaze making her gnash her teeth in fury.

“That Gu family member is still alive, right?” Gu Suihan stopped staring at her and turned to look at Li Rong instead.

“Brother Gu, you’re a really clever one.” Li Rong was smiling, but there was a threatening look in that smile. “So, are you going to surrender to us or are you going to fight? I’ve got the blood from one of your relatives, so I can use one of my demonic spells to kill you using that.”

“But if you kill me by wiping out my soul, you would also eliminate my ability to level up once you’ve turned me into a jiangshi.” Gu Suihan kept his longbow away and landed on the ground as gracefully as a swallow. A frightening and murderous-looking saber appeared in his hand instead.

“Oh? I’m really, really curious. Exactly who is backing you? It’s true that you do know too much,” snapped Mo Yuluo as she glared frostily at him.

Li Rong narrowed his eyes to cover the greed in them. “Also, none of the spells and cultivation techniques you’ve been using is from the Seven Kill Sect.”

“Why don’t you guess?” Gu Suihan didn’t deny anything and just shrugged it off with an aloof expression.

“Watch out!”

Li Rong took a decisive step backward and the jiangshi next to him suddenly raised its arms and wrapped them around Li Rong and Mo Yuluo. The mysterious runes on its broad and muscular back flickered.

Dang! The sound of metal hitting metal echoed loudly. The next thing they knew, the tall and burly jiangshi holding onto them flew into the air as if a bomb had exploded at its feet, causing both of them and the jiangshi to be sent flying several meters into the air as if they were nothing but a beach ball.

Gu Suihan smacked his lips lazily, leaned against the tree next to him, and laughed, but he didn’t continue attacking them.

“That was a good one,” grumbled Li Rong as crashed to the ground clumsily. He summoned all the jiangshis and arranged them in a formation in front of himself.

“A Mud Wall Talisman, a Blade of Wind spell, and one last Explosive Talisman.” Mo Yuluo kept her eye on the nonchalant Gu Suihan. She was really shocked by what just happened.

Before this, she would never have thought that a few talismans could have possibly pushed two Foundation Establishment cultivators into a corner like this.

“When did you…” Mo Yuluo tried to ask but Gu Suihan’s next attack cut her sentence off.

“Ghostly Shadow Seven Stars!” Gu Suihan’s feet moved in a strange manner before he suddenly disappeared before their eyes like a ghost and reappeared behind Li Rong and Mo Yuluo. His saber was already raised and aimed at their two heads.

“He’s behind us!” The two of them quickly activated a bunch of defense talismans and seven of Li Rong’s jiangshis also turned around to fight Gu Suihan off. The sound of their heavy punches cutting through the air quickly filled the air.

Gu Suihan’s lips curled into a smile as he watched the other two retaliate violently. His saber vibrated as he swung it backward suddenly, causing sparks to fly as it slashed the arms of the jiangshis.

He stomped hard on the ground, turned and twisted his body like a snake, and ran out in between the other jiangshis before they could complete a full attack formation.

“Go after him!” Li Rong’s eyes were burning with anger. He had been attacked, yet Gu Suihan had run away unscathed. He was ready to explode anytime.

“No! Stop!” Mo Yuluo exclaimed in a shrill voice as she took several steps back. “There are Explosive Talismans on the ground! A whole stack of them!”

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