Chapter 48 - Surround and Attack

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Mu Tian was still a little stunned, but his first instinct was to pull several talismans out.

Mud Wall Talismans, Blade of Wind Talismans, Ice Cone Talismans, and Fire Ball Talismans.

Dozens of talismans flew into the air in front of him and brightly glowed as he used his spiritual energy to activate them.

Gu Suihan realized he couldn’t fight such an aggressive attack head-on, so his pupils constricted, and he quickly turned his feet the other way. His body moved about to dodge the attacks while sending out various defensive spells to slow the attacks down.

“Time to meet your maker!” roared Yan Wuheng as he swung his heavy sword, which was now sizzling with steam.

“Demon Lord Spewing Blood!” Li Rong quickly came to lend a hand. The bronze corpse looked like it was in pain for a moment, then the runes on its forehead shone especially brightly, forcibly suppressing the pain it felt earlier.

It roared loudly and stomped giant footprints into the ground that measured several inches deep, swinging its fists with explosive power at the back of Gu Suihan’s.

Gu Suihan felt his hair stand on end as he heard the sound of those fists cutting through the air. His expression became serious as he brandished Red Dust to fight off the conical blocks of ice coming at him, then rolled off into a corner.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” Mo Yuluo’s faint laughter echoed within the corner where Gu Suihan had chosen to hide. She had a strange smile on her face and a tinge of bashfulness in her eyes as she lifted her fair wrist to tap the air several times with her fingers. The long blue sword made from ice crystals in her other hand emanated frosty Qi as it came stabbing towards him with great speed.

“I don’t have a choice, huh.” Red Dust made a buzzing sound as it gave off terrifying wisps of murderous Qi. He turned his body so that Mo Yuluo’s ice crystal sword would not hurt any of his vital organs and took a step forward. Her sword stabbed into the side of his body from the front and came right out from the back.

He had a faint smile on his face as he gripped Mo Yuluo’s wrist so that she couldn’t move her sword anymore. Then he raised his long sword and caused a strong wind to blow as he used the sword to draw several strange symbols in the air, then thrust it towards her dantian.

“Teehee!” Mo Yuluo didn’t panic at all. Her beautifully embroidered white chiffon dress suddenly billowed and blocked the attack with a loud clang. Gu Suihan immediately frowned when he realized that he couldn’t move his sword forward anymore. He tried his best, but he couldn’t break through the invisible barrier blocking his way.

“You will reap what you sow today.” Gu Suihan kept his sword away, and his fingernails gleamed bright green, and he clawed at Mo Yuluo even as she looked smugly at him, leaving a cut behind before slamming a palm towards her.

“He’s trying to get away!” Her face turned red, and there was an embarrassed look in her eyes for a moment when she realized where Gu Suihan’s hand was headed. But when she saw the unrelenting look in Gu Suihan’s eyes, she quickly realized that she had to fight back and started chanting other spells as she used her fingers to aim for the acupoints on Gu Suihan’s hands.

“Creation of a Ghost! A Ghost Leaves No Traces!” Mo Yuluo’s magic dress immediately gave off a mysterious fragrance that could make one feel dizzy while black beams of murderous Qi shot out from her gemlike eyes.

“Crap! It’s another illusionary spell!” Gu Suihan felt his eyelid twitch. His storage ring gleamed as he retrieved a Wild Wind and Falling Leaves Talisman and threw it behind him without even looking back.

“Damn it!” Mo Yuluo’s skirt billowed from the talisman's effect, causing it to lift high enough to block her face, which also broke the illusionary spell she had cast from her eyes.

“Ghostly Shadow Seven Stars, Travel Through a Different Space!” Gu Suihan’s steps changed dramatically, and Mu Tian and the rest suddenly stopped launching attacks as they watched Gu Suihan float into the air and start fading.

“He’s getting away!” Yan Wuheng suddenly realized what was happening and pumped so much spiritual energy into his heavy sword that it became scorching, causing everything around it to look warped from the high heat.

“Brilliant Light! Flaming Steps!” Yan Wuheng’s face turned red as blood spilled from his mouth. He held his sword towards his back and started walking swiftly into the air. Then he swung his sword down to send flames measuring several meters down towards Gu Suihan.

“Fuck!” Gu Suihan inwardly cursed as he saw Yan Wuheng coming for him like a meteorite falling from the sky. He used his spiritual energy to push his body to move even faster, disregarding the blood oozing from his pores, the result of pushing himself too hard.

“To the other space!” hissed Gu Suihan when Yan Wuheng was less than a meter away from him. His body began to warp and created ripples in the air.

After that, a bizarre thing happened. Yan Wuheng’s ferocious attack seemed to have no effect as it went right through the smiling Gu Suihan to land on the ground instead. The impact of his attack caused rocks to crumble, filling the entire cave with dust and tiny stones.

“Yan Wuheng, are you trying to get us all killed?!” Mo Yuluo’s exclamation echoed in the dark cave. The sound of others getting hurt by the falling rocks was accompanied by several others cursing loudly.

“You can’t get away!” Yan Wuheng was panting as heavily as a bull. He cast a spell on his eyes to help him see better and looked toward where Gu Suihan was earlier. His face instantly darkened. “Where did he go?”

Gu Suihan had disappeared. Yan Wuheng cursed in frustration, and his eyes frostily glinted when he realized what technique Gu Suihan had used just moments ago.

He knew what technique that was. That was a technique that could help one teleport into a different space instantly. Many disciples in the Seven Kill Sect knew of such techniques, but very few were as good at it as Gu Suihan was. In fact, it was already astonishing that Gu Suihan was able to execute it at the Foundation Establishment stage. This ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ sort of technique was usually something that only those who were getting close to the Origin Core stage would be able to understand and cultivate.

“Who’s there?” Mu Tian bellowed as he rang a tiny bell amidst the dust. The bell spun continuously and rang at a very high pitch.

“Oh no!” The other three were immediately horrified.

But before they could reach Mu Tian, they heard him howl miserably, “The Blood Jade Figs! Xingyuan!”

Li Rong immediately called upon his group of jiangshis to protect himself. “Demon Lord Fills the Earth, Bronze Corpse Sways the Immortals!” A light shot out from his palm, and the bronze corpse suddenly roared and rammed its fists into the ground.

A terrifying and violent aura engulfed the bronze corpse as it drove all the dust in the air aside so that everyone could see clearly. Countless cracks now covered the entire cave because of how hard the corpse had punched the ground.

The ground shook even harder, and more rocks fell from the top of the cave, making everyone feel even dizzier as the falling rocks also made the place even darker. Everyone struggled to focus, and they did their best to avoid the falling rocks.

“The cave is going to collapse!”


The wandering cultivators immediately started running out of the cave like a swarm of bees. Talismans shone brightly on their bodies as they activated everything they could and used whatever techniques they knew to help them escape as quickly as possible. It was a pity that they couldn’t get their hands on that Blood Jade Fig tree, but their lives were more important.

Mo Yuluo had a murderous look in her eyes, wielding her sword that emanated frosty qi, killing several wandering cultivators as she made her way swiftly towards Mu Tian.

The cave was shaking more and more violently. Yan Wuheng had an anxious look on his face as he ran towards Mu Tian, carrying his heavy sword on his back as he pushed aside any rocks in the way.

“Let’s go!” Li Rong reached Mu Tian first and noticed Mu Tian’s pale and dismayed expression. He also saw the lifeless and completely dried-up corpse in Mu Tian’s arms. He was horrified, but there was no time to talk about this.

He commanded his powerful bronze corpse to pick Mu Tian up and yelled at his companions, “Mo Yuluo, let’s go! I’ll take care of Mu Tian, let’s get out of here first!”

“Damn it!” Yan Wuheng saw that the bronze corpse was holding onto Mu Tian, but the Blood Jade Fig tree was nowhere to be seen. He was agitated, but there was nothing he could do now except curse inwardly and quickly make his way out.


The cave collapsed. Everyone stood outside with pale faces as they looked at the rubble that was once a much taller mountain.

“Who took the Blood Jade Fig tree?”

“Humph! It must have been someone from the Seven Kill Sect! Didn’t you notice the infighting among them earlier? The young fellow who took the tree might seem formidable, but there’s only one of him. There are still four other formidable ones from the Seven Kill Sect here.”

“I guess there’s no way we can snatch it back from them,” said one of the wandering cultivators with a sigh.

“You’re still hoping to fight for it?” another scoffed. “One of them died, but those four over there are all internal disciples of the Seven Kill Sect and they’re all at Foundation Establishment. One of them looks very badly hurt, but just look at that bronze corpse! That’s something that only someone at Origin Core could truly control. Even if it only used 10 or 20 percent of its strength on us, we’d all die.”

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