Chapter 50 - Negotiation

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Mo Yuluo had used the Search for the Cause, Finding the Effect technique and tracked down where Gu Suihan was. The four of them set off immediately but did not speak to each other at all along the way. Their gazes were shifty, and they clearly had their own opinions on this whole matter.

Mu Tian could sense the awkward and tense atmosphere between them, so he decided to say something. “Do any of you know why Gu Suihan knows the Buddhist Illusion Breaking Seal technique? That’s how he countered my attack. If he hadn’t known that technique, he would be dead by now.” The look in his eyes grew grimmer as he spoke.

The Buddhist Pure Land Temple was all the way in the west, miles, and miles away from the Seven Kill Sect. Besides, all the monks were very busy meditating and hoping to attain nirvana. Nobody had the time to come out here.

Besides, Gu Suihan definitely didn’t have the makings of a Buddha. Mu Tian had only seen Gu Suihan a few times. Still, it didn’t take much to notice that even though Gu Suihan always smiled, seemed to make sensible decisions, and was never really loud or obnoxious, those eyes of his had practically no expression whatsoever. He looked more like some older person who was jaded and unimpressed by anything he saw.

“You suspect he’s connected to the Buddhists?” Li Rong stuck his head out of the sedan he was seated in that was being carried by his jiangshis.

“I don’t think so.” Mo Yuluo rolled her eyes before observing the area in front of her. “There’s always that possibility, but the chances are meager. Firstly, if he belonged to such an organization, he would know some things about the cultivation world and not just join the Seven Kill Sect so cluelessly. Perhaps he has some other plans, but let’s assume he doesn’t.”

“Also, the strange spells, martial arts techniques, and sword techniques that he’s used thus far are all some of the best. He seems to know how to use all of them with great familiarity and doesn’t make any mistakes. Whether his personality type is suitable for Buddhism isn’t so important. His aptitude and body would make him a prized treasure to the monastery. Did you think those baldies would bear to let him leave?”

Yan Wuheng wiped his chin after taking a mouthful of wine and said, “Also, Gu Suihan seems very interested in the ancient history of the cultivation world that has been lost. He’s gone to the library several times just to borrow such books to read. Most others at his stage would be much more interested in reading up spells and techniques, but he just skims through them and loses interest quickly. He’s only borrowed one book on the True Gold Purple Sun technique and returned it in less than three days.”

“He’s definitely up to something, but that’s not important right now. Yan Wuheng and I just want to get the Blood Jade Figs back, and we have nothing to do with anything you two are trying to do,” said Mu Tian flatly with a scoff.

Once Mu Tian and Yan Wuheng had become internal disciples, these three significant factions of power were no longer a group they had to rely on. They were willing to work with Mo Yuluo and Li Rong only because there was no conflict of interest. Unlike how the factions had almost absolute authority over the external disciples, the internal disciples were more willing to talk things out and reach an agreement this way. Inner disciples were talented and arrogant people, so none liked taking orders.

“Your little lover, Nan Xingyuan, was killed by Gu Suihan. Aren’t you upset about that?” Li Rong sniggered.

But Li Rong’s sarcastic sniggering did not make Mu Tian angry. Instead, Mu Tian responded calmly, “I was with Nan Xingyuan only because of her family background and the good amount of Yin she had in her body. It gets harder and harder to reach the next level of cultivation because you need a human cauldron with a higher level of aptitude than the last each time. I’ve lost Nan Xingyuan, so I need to find another girl to continue my cultivation. I don’t need to fight a lunatic like Gu Suihan over one Nan Xingyuan.”

“Haha! I agree!” said Yan Wuheng with a hearty laugh.

“I hope that’s the case,” said Mo Yuluo expressionlessly. She looked to her left and stopped walking. She pointed in that direction and said, “He’s about five kilometers in that direction. He knows we’re not far from him, so why isn’t he running?” She frowned slightly and couldn’t understand why Gu Suihan would stand around and wait for them.

“Do you think it’s a trap? Maybe he’s just using something to fool us, but he’s already escaped elsewhere.”

“That’s impossible. I’m using a spell that affects the rules around here, and you could even say it’s more powerful than the laws of nature that govern this place. It will be impossible for Gu Suihan to fool me.” Mo Yuluo sounded a little angry now.

“Well, I thought my illusion spells could trap him and turn him into a pile of dust, too,” muttered Mu Tian.

Mo Yuluo scoffed and threw Mu Tian a disdainful glance. She didn’t need to say more.

“You’re finally here,” a clear and loud voice called out from a distance. Gu Suihan had suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

“Are you just waiting for us to kill you?” asked Mo Yuluo emotionlessly. “Or do you have more tricks up your sleeve?”

“Oh no, no,” said Gu Suihan with a smile as he shrugged leisurely. “I know you’ve got the blood from one of my relatives, so there’s no way I can run from you. Besides, this place is only so big.”

Li Rong snorted as he alighted from his sedan. He looked at Gu Suihan and said, “Brother Gu, you can’t get away, and you’re not the type to let others kill you just like that. So, why put yourself through such misery? Why don’t you let me turn your body into my personal jiangshi, and I’ll let your soul go free? How about that?”

“That’s not a problem, but I don’t think my body is the only thing you’re coveting,” said Gu Suihan as he stared straight at Li Rong. “I don’t think getting yourself a personal jiangshi is your only motive.”

Li Rong’s expression froze for a moment, then he squeezed a smile out and said, “Wh-what are you talking about?”

The rest looked strangely at how Li Rong was obviously only pretending to be calm, and they were surprised to hear Gu Suihan’s words.

Mu Tian frowned and took a step forward. “Hand over the Blood Jade Figs. I’m sure the tree itself is dead, but we’re not bothered by that. Give Yan Wuheng and me two figs each, and we’ll leave right away. We will not involve ourselves in your feud with the two of them.”

“Oho,” Gu Suihan raised an eyebrow, surprised by Mu Tian’s proposal. But he went on, “You’re a little too late, though. I’ve used those figs to recover from my injuries. I wouldn’t just appear in front of all of you if I were still badly injured.”

Mu Tian was a little stunned, then he snorted and said, “That’s not possible. Five Blood Jade Figs is enough to push a Beginner Foundation Establishment cultivator into the Mid phase. If you only used them for recuperation purposes, you wouldn’t need so many of them. Also, the figs carry the element of fire, and there’s no way you’d be able to withstand the heat it creates.”

Yan Wuheng suddenly took a step forward and stared straight at Gu Suihan as he said, “Wait. You were stabbed by Mo Yuluo’s Soul Freezing Hell Sword, which is full of frosty qi. You recovered because you used the fire from the figs to neutralize the frosty qi from the sword. Is that it?”

“That’s right,” said Gu Suihan with a smile as he rubbed his palms together. “It was probably a waste to use the figs this way, but there was no way I could escape with that level of injury. So…”

“But you couldn’t possibly have used up everything either.” Yan Wuheng threw his wine flask aside and was very confident as he said, “The frosty qi from the sword was very powerful, but you were still able to teleport yourself in an instant, so that means that your body itself is not weak. So, the injury you suffered from the frosty qi couldn’t have been that serious.”

“True, true. You’re right. But I only have two more left. How are the four of you going to split them among yourselves?” Gu Suihan held out the two gleaming Blood Jade Figs that smelled faintly of blood.

Mu Tian scoffed. “Stop trying to agitate us like that. We won’t fall for such low-level tricks like that. I’m not including Mo Yuluo and Li Rong, so two figs are perfect for Yan Wuheng and me. But if you want us to stay out of your affairs, you’d need to give us something more.”

“Swear by the Way,” said Gu Suihan after falling silent for a moment. “We’re all intelligent people here, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.”

Mu Tian and Yan Wuheng exchanged glances and finally felt relieved inside. So many unexpected events had happened one after another, and Hang Chulong even lost his life in the process. They had to count themselves lucky for surviving thus far.

The three internal disciples had initially agreed to take one fig each, then sell off the remaining two. That way, they would still be able to get a few thousand Spiritual Stones on top of one fig.

But when Mo Yuluo and Li Rong suddenly turned up, they had no choice but to give up the remaining two they had meant to sell. Mo Yuluo and Li Rong had powerful backers, so the three internal disciples didn’t have a choice.

Later on, Gu Suihan appeared out of nowhere and killed off Hang Chulong so quickly, completely disregarded the leader of the Way Seekers Alliance, and ran away with the figs while also killing Nan Xingyuan at the same time. He was so severely injured, yet he still managed to escape from them.

Mu Tian and Yan Wuheng hadn’t revealed everything they had yet, but what they had seen so far was enough to re-evaluate their judgment of this up-and-coming genius among the external disciples. They both quickly concluded that they should not fall out with Gu Suihan.

The two men solemnly swore that they would leave immediately after getting the figs and compensation and that they would not attack him while they were all outside the sect.

“There you go.” Gu Suihan threw the figs and two small pouches to Mu Tian and Yan Wuheng.

“Now!” Mo Yuluo shouted as a long blue sword filled with frosty qi appeared in her hand. She dashed forward and reached Gu Suihan instantly, then brought her sharp sword down towards Gu Suihan’s outstretched arm.

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