Chapter 52 - Hopeless Situation

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Clang! Gu Suihan blocked yet another punch from the bronze corpse, then jumped towards Mo Yuluo.

He couldn’t dodge the bronze corpse’s next punch, so he let the corpse punch him before waving his sword to force the corpse backward and continued charging toward Mo Yuluo.

“Humph! Are you trying to force me to break this spell?” Mo Yuluo’s dress danced in the wind, and her lengthy, black hair flew wildly. Her heart shuddered when she saw how the look in Gu Suihan’s eyes remained as aloof as ever despite being in such a desperate situation.

Suddenly, it felt as though everything had fallen silent and time had stopped. The invisible but ever-present pressure in the fair forced Gu Suihan to ever more slowly as the frost began to creep up his body. His Spiritual Meridians felt as if they were blocked, and he had difficulty circulating the Qi within his body. Even the blood surging through his veins from the fighting a moment ago had dropped in temperature and had begun to slow down.

Mo Yuluo’s fair and slim fingers gently took hold of the long sword that had nearly turned entirely transparent. Her slightly pale face looked relieved when she saw that Gu Suihan had stopped a little less than 30 meters away from her and couldn’t move any further, his entire body covered in frost and sleet.

She lifted her arm slightly, raising her sword, its movement as powerful as the wind and thunder, leaving behind black trails of smoke. Just lifting this sword seemed to require all of her energy, and her forehead was covered in perspiration.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally managed to raise the sword high enough so that the tip of the sword was now pointed at the frozen Gu Suihan suspended in the air before her.

Her quivering lips parted as her pleasant voice rang out, “Light of Heavenly Frost!”

Her dress was as white as snow, her silky hair as black as ink.

Gu Suihan watched as a sword that looked like it could pierce the highest heavens, and the deepest hell came flying towards him. Everything within the range of Mo Yuluo’s frosty spell turned into swords instantly. The frost that continued to fall on his body had suddenly transformed into sharp blades. It hurt even to breathe.

Mo Yuluo’s sword gleamed brightly and flew rapidly towards Gu Suihan’s forehead. For some reason, her smile faded slowly as her eyes met Gu Suihan’s emotionless gaze.

You’re about to die, she thought with a sigh.

Just then, the frost covering Gu Suihan suddenly exploded. Mo Yuluo watched in shock as he flew another three meters into the air.

What just happened?

She looked carefully and saw that Gu Suihan had thrown a round, shiny object about as large as a baby’s fist.

That was an Expanse Bomb, the trump card that Gu Suihan had carefully crafted for such situations.

Her eyes widened when she realized that it was something terribly dangerous and forcibly swung her sword the other way to withdraw herself from the attack, disregarding the injury she was inflicting on herself by doing this. The swing of her sword was accompanied by the heart-wrenching sound of blood spurting from her mouth.

Her white dress shone brightly and created a barrier around herself that measured about 30 centimeters thick. Gold-colored runes flickered around the barrier from time to time.

Meanwhile, her sword had left her hand and continued to swoosh through the air towards the pale-faced Gu Suihan.

Clang! Gu Suihan used all the strength in his body to turn his sword downwards to block any attack on his dantian.

But that was all he could do because he couldn’t move any more than that. He could only watch as that shiny transparent blade continued flying towards him.

And that wasn’t all.

The booming and rolling millstone made from corpse flesh was still coming towards him, along with the harmless-looking but practically fatal Heaven and Earth Destiny Defining Talisman.

“Mara’s Dance Steps!” Mo Yuluo’s pale face sweated profusely, and blood slowly stained her white dress. As the gleaming black ball in the air flew towards her, she decided not to risk it and executed another technique instead. Her feet moved in a strange yet harmonious way, enabling her to dodge that black ball just in time.

Meanwhile, her sword had made yet another hole the size of a fist in Gu Suihan’s chest. One could even see the white of his bones. Light blue ice crystals filled the wound and relentlessly spread its iciness throughout the rest of his body.

Mo Yuluo raised her hand and used any strength she had left to recall her sword. She swallowed the blood that was about to spray out of her mouth and pursed her lips into a resolute smile.

Gu Suihan endured the excruciating pain and chanted silently “Expanse Bomb.”

The utterly black ball in the air suddenly lit up with tiny inscriptions as it leaked wisps of murderous Qi like a blooming flower while Mo Yuluo stared at it in horror.

She watched as a mildly fragrant silvery dust filled the air without producing any sound.

“Bedazzling Stardust, protect me!” Mo Yuluo instinctively chanted a defense spell. Sparkly particles gathered together to form a shield in front of her.

To her dismay, the silvery and slightly greenish dust started eating through the 30-centimeter-thick wall of stardust she had just created.

“It’s not working!” Mo Yuluo gritted her teeth and decided to retreat. The spiritual energy within her body became agitated just after she had breathed in a little of the silvery dust. She couldn’t imagine what terrible things would happen if more dust entered her body.

She regrouped the stardust into a whirlpool, but it could barely keep her from harm. She clasped her hands together into a hand seal, making her sword ring loudly as it flew out of her hand and repositioned itself beneath her feet, then flew out of sight instantly.

At this juncture, whether she could kill Gu Suihan off was not as crucial as self-preservation. After all, she wasn’t sure if Li Rong might decide to kill her if both she and Gu Suihan were severely injured.

“Tsk!” Li Rong had naturally noticed that Mo Yuluo had escaped and let out a scoff. He waved his arm and pasted several defense talismans on himself. The gold jiangshis around him stomped hard on the ground and roared as they charged toward Gu Suihan as he began freefalling to the ground.

“I’ll have to depend on my luck.” Gu Suihan looked on coldly as the smelly millstone, and lethal talisman continued heading towards him. His eyes resolutely shone as he flung his sword out.

Red Dust seemed to know that this was its swan song as it flew towards the millstone like a moth flying into a flame.

Crackle, crackle! A strange noise caught Li Rong’s attention, and he turned to see that Gu Suihan’s sword had disassembled itself into the many pieces it was initially made up of.

He gasped and was flabbergasted by how ruthless Gu Suihan could be. Red Dust was a spiritual weapon, yet Gu Suihan decided to sacrifice it just like that.

The pieces that were once a sword sliced through the air and burst into flames upon hitting the millstone, setting fire to everything around it.

The spiritual weapon that Gu Suihan had taken much effort to create turned to nothing in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the giant bloodied millstone had been reduced by half and didn’t look as imposing anymore. But Li Rong continued to force it to spin on towards Gu Suihan and made it roll even faster than before.

“Heaven and Earth shall define your destiny!” Li Rong roared and tapped his finger in the air. The ordinary-looking talisman instantly disappeared, but a mysterious force that could hold down anything it touched surged out from where the talisman once was, engulfing the area within a hundred-meter radius of Gu Suihan.

Unfortunately for Li Rong, Gu Suihan had consumed a pill that he had been hiding in his mouth all this time just before the talisman exploded. He forced his body to absorb the pill as quickly as possible, completely disregarding the painful sound of his Spiritual Meridians bursting.

“Ghostly Shadow Seven Stars, Travel Through a Different Space!” Gu Suihan instantly disappeared into thin air, his spiritual energy flowing rapidly from one space to another.

“Damn it! What spell was that? I can’t believe the Heaven and Earth Destiny Defining Talisman failed on him!” Li Rong was white with rage as he looked at the empty space where Gu Suihan once was. He sneered and spat, “I doubt you can remain in that other space for more than 15 minutes. You might be able to get away for now, but you won’t be able to get away forever.”

He waved his sleeve and flew into the air. The bronze corpse and the gold jiangshis slowly surrounded the space where Gu Suihan once was and stood on guard, but the millstone fell apart from losing its target, much to Li Rong’s chagrin.

Li Rong could see Gu Suihan from outside, and Gu Suihan could also see Li Rong from inside the alternate space. When he saw the sinister expression on Li Rong’s face and how much Li Rong was bent on killing him, he felt his head throb, and a bitter feeling filled his heart as he sensed the pathetic amount of spiritual energy he had left.

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