257 Episodes

Ascension Through Skills

The labyrinth that swallowed humanity. Four choices were given to them. Easy Mode, where anyone can survive. Normal Mode, where only those who fight survive. Hard Mode, where only 1% can survive. And the Solo Mode, where only one person survived. The strongest returnee of humanity, Kang Taesan, was an Easy Mode player. He heard countless times, “What if you had chosen the Hard Mode, or even the Normal Mode?” Regretting his cowardly choice while dying amidst destruction, he gets another chance to choose. “This time, I won’t make the wrong choice.” The strongest Easy Mode player has returned.

208 Episodes

Reincarnated User Manual

One day I got a younger sister. Only I know her true identity.

270 Episodes

I Became the Academy’s Kibitz Villain

As I was writing a brutal review of a popular Nationalistic Superpower Light Novel, I was made to possess a character in it! I then joined an evil organization and was given one mission. To seduce the Heroine. “Oh, that’s not how you should use this power.” As I started to advise the heroines on how to wield their power, things began to go wrong.

227 Episodes

I Became a Genius Commander at the Academy

A military enthusiast with dreams of serving, shaped by his father's influence and a bookshelf full of war theories, finds himself unexpectedly reborn into a fantasy world he'd recently read about. Now an orphan, he faces impending destitution in a land governed by strict caste systems. But with the Reich Empire Academy Entrance Exam as his potential salvation, he's armed not with magic, but with a vast knowledge of military tactics from his past life. As the date of his expulsion from the orphanage looms, he's determined to leverage his unique skills to change his fate.

192 Episodes

I Became the Knight That the Princesses Are Obsessed With

I've served by the princess's side all my life. Now, all I want is a little break.

148 Episodes

The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All

Only I know this world, and now I will take it all for myself. There are no kind souls here who share generously. Only the ruthless remain, those who devour everything alone.

190 Episodes

I Quit Being a Knight and Became a Mercenary

It's much better to be a mercenary than a knight.

128 Episodes

I Became a Foreign Worker Loved by Transcendents

[Unique Trait - Those you meet will remember you. No matter what happens, they will remember you forever.] In a world on the brink of ruin, people summoned to save it are categorized as heroes and extraterrestrial workers, abbreviated as "foreign workers." For some reason, I became a foreign worker who is loved by transcendents that view humans as mere insects.

128 Episodes

The Genius Villain of a Traitorous Family

The eldest son of a lord notorious for treason returns to the past. 'A person adept at selling a country once can do it well again.' However, in this life, 'I will rise as the king of traitors.' Beyond a directionless kingdom or a betraying empire, 'Join me in this revolution.' All for the sake of my queen.

173 Episodes

I Became the Only Magicless Person in the Academy

But it seems like I might be able to handle it.

106 Episodes

I Entered a Gacha Game That I Had Abandoned 10 Years Ago

I Entered a Gacha Game I Abandoned for 10 Years. But, the state of the heroes I raised is strange.

73 Episodes

The Reincarnate Became a Professor at the Academy

After I gave some advice, they told me to become a professor.

88 Episodes

Investing through the Status Window

Ji-hoo entered the game world of [Guild Master]. Before his eyes, appeared the other party's status window.

75 Episodes

From Cosmic Rascal to Professor

I found myself relegated to the role of a third-rate villain in a cosmic horror web novel. Despite my shortcomings, I'm determined to undertake research, even if it means sacrificing all of my family's assets. “A Graviton Bomb?” It appears to be the only viable method to vanquish the Foreign Gods

70 Episodes

I Became a Cheat-Level Munchkin 5★ Character

《Gonis Archive Life》 'GAL' for short. I found myself possessed into the world of this game. Not only that, but I became a 5★ character from the very start, The only male character with ridiculously OP abilities.

91 Episodes

Gacha Addict in a Matriarchal World

[From the Author of "For Sale. Fallen Lady. Never Used.", a new gacha adventure awaits in a gender swapped world!] Gacha - Civilization's Ultimate Game. Spin now for a shot at fortune. Spending that doesn't disrupt your lifestyle? That's virtually free-to-play. Keep spinning until you strike gold - success is guaranteed. ... ... Today, yet again, I'm at the gacha wheel. "Did I get a 5-star?!"

66 Episodes

The Philistine Hero's Salvation Inn

In a world of fantasy, a retired adventurer seeks a peaceful life as an innkeeper in a once-prosperous city now fallen on hard times. Unbeknownst to the city's inhabitants, the adventurer secretly sets out to confront the monstrous threat that has crippled trade and left the city in decline, soon reopening trade routes and bringing new life to the failing metropolis. As the city rebounds, the adventurer works tirelessly to prepare his inn for the inevitable influx of merchants and travelers. Yet mysteries still surround the adventurer's past and true identity as he navigates the challenges of a city rising from the ashes while keeping his own secrets safe. The story follows his quest to build a legendary inn at the crossroads of the world, where adventures are born and tales are told.

31 Episodes

The Myth of the Greek Heavenly Demon

"...This is insane." Join the former Heavenly Demon from the murim world, as he embarks on an epic journey through Greek mythology. Reborn from the abyss with immense power, he navigates a landscape of gods, monsters, and shifting alliances. This gripping saga promises grand battles, mystical powers, and captivating confrontations.

121 Episodes

The Archmage's Restaurant

Ellison, who had been active as a 9th-class magician after falling into another world, made an unusual choice upon retirement: he decided to open a small restaurant in the countryside. However, the daily life of this restaurant is anything but ordinary... In the room on the second floor of Ellison's restaurant lives none other than a polymorphed black dragon, Rurin! "You there! Is the meal ready yet?!" The cheerful and heartwarming story of the continent's strongest 9th-class magician and a well-fed, well-rested black dragon running a restaurant!

1 Episodes

I Proposed While Drunk and Now the Princesses are Obsessed

Born a genius but cursed with a life cut short, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol and impulsively sends marriage proposals to the princesses. But when one replies, "Yes, let's get married," his drunken joke turns into a shocking reality. The problem? He proposed to not just one, but all five of the emperor's tyrannical daughters. And to make matters worse, he has no idea which princess accepted.

251 Episodes

To Hell with Being a Saint, I'm a Doctor

Yuseong, a genius doctor who made a name for himself in the medical community, considered the operating room his home. One day, he died in a traffic accident, and when he regained consciousness, he found himself in another world. But... Saint... Holy Kingdom... Healing magic? "I worked so hard to learn medicine, and now you're telling me I can just touch someone and they're healed? Oh, I'm going to lose my mind."