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Return of the Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, one of the greatest third generation swordsmen, the Plum Blossom Sword Saint: Chung Myung. After defeating the Heavenly Demon and ending his reign of chaos, Chung Myung breathed his last on the summit of the Heavenly Demon Sect’s mountain. Hundreds of years passed, and he was revived as a child. But… What was that? Mount Hua Sect has fallen? What kind of bullshit is that!? Was he supposed to just live his life knowing that? “Fallen? Who said that? That doesn’t matter!” The plum blossoms fall? After a cold winter, spring comes and the plum blossoms come into full bloom once again. “But before the Mount Hua Sect returns, I need to be there first! Even if it’s in ruins, there has to be something left there—Ugh, those people in there!” And so began the struggle of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung, to save the fallen Mount Hua Sect.

162 Episodes

The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clan

The Terminally Ill Young Master of the Baek Clan.

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Wandering Warrior of Wudang

Human life depends on Heaven's. And now, my time has come too. A Grim Reaper from the underworld, dressed in black clothes, sways like an illusion before me. Second call. [...Hyeok Ryun...] Ha, yes, yes. Let's go now. What else can I do in this life? “It's the Herb of Immortality! I've finally found the Herb of Immortality! My lord!” What? The Herb of Immortality? Someone stop this damned Grim Reaper! Evil Sect's Heavenly Lord Hyeok Ryun Mugang. At the moment of death, thanks to the miraculous arrival of the Herb of Immortality, I head to Murim once again... AHHHH, why Wudang of all places~~!!!

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I Became a Genius Commander at the Academy

A military enthusiast with dreams of serving, shaped by his father's influence and a bookshelf full of war theories, finds himself unexpectedly reborn into a fantasy world he'd recently read about. Now an orphan, he faces impending destitution in a land governed by strict caste systems. But with the Reich Empire Academy Entrance Exam as his potential salvation, he's armed not with magic, but with a vast knowledge of military tactics from his past life. As the date of his expulsion from the orphanage looms, he's determined to leverage his unique skills to change his fate.

45 Episodes

The Reincarnate Became a Professor at the Academy

After I gave some advice, they told me to become a professor.