Episode 76

I Will Punish You (2)
3 weeks ago
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Dong Woon-geol shook his head, trying to embrace Yu Seol.

For the first time, the Dong family members were happy to see their family head like this.

While everyone was paying attention to that, Dong-gu and Yu Jinsan quietly moved to a corner.

“It’s my first time seeing my father like that.”

“It must be so. I know that feeling all too well.”

“I’m afraid the truth will be known one day. It would be a huge shock for him if he finds out he and Seol are not related…”

“If you stay silent, nothing will happen. Once the work is done, I’ll use training as an excuse and leave.”

Yu Jinsan knew that the family head wasn’t in good health because he wasn’t much different from when he was undergoing Body Reformation.

His life was, at most, another five years. Moreover, if he handed down his internal qi to Dong-gu, then his life would be further reduced.

Yu Jinsan glanced in the direction of the Dong family head.

Was it because their situation was similar? For some reason, he felt like this old man was like him.

‘This friend. Still, wouldn’t you be able to shake off the concerns in your heart and leave with a smile? If I ever get that chance, I will stop by before you leave.’

Thanks to the relationship they had formed here, there was so much they could do.

This would have been satisfying for Dong-gu.

“Anyway, thanks a lot, Elder. We received such a favor from you, which cannot be repaid even if I work myself to the bone.”

“I already said you don’t have to be thankful. From now on, you too will be able to help in numerous ways.”

“Just say anything. I am ready to give up my life for you and Seol anytime.”

Yu Jinsan, who was behind him, smiled and continued walking.

“No one is asking for your head now, so keep it on your shoulders. Anyway, what happens next is the problem.”

“What happens now?”

“We killed two of their sons. There’s no way their family head would stay silent. They will definitely come running the moment they hear this news.”

Dong-gu bowed next to him, clasping his hands together.

“It would probably be the same for us. All the skilled people of the Hahu family are probably coming here. What do we do? Is it possible for Seol to handle all of them?”

Yu Jinsan posed the question.

“Why? You don’t trust her?”

“It’s not that… I just can’t bring myself to believe such a child can fight so well.”

“If you’ve heard of the Yin Yang Twin Monsters, then you must know the rumors surrounding them, right?”

“I’ve heard of them. The rumor that the Yin Monster took down Moyong Seong and beat him like a dog spread all through Shaanxi. But was that rumor really true?”

Yu Jinsan nodded instead of answering.

“I tried to end it my way, with my strength, but there’s no other option now. If Seol moves, whoever she is fighting will go through hell.”


Yu Jinsan stayed silent, as he needed to organize his thoughts a bit.

Gazing at the distant mountains, his eyes shone once, then the light faded.

He spoke right then.

“I have to kill everyone who comes here. Every single one who steps in.”

“Uh? Everyone?”

“They are people who come to take the lives of others. They should be prepared to die as well, right?”

It felt like a justified reason to kill. Since the head of the family was merely defending himself, it wouldn’t be a problem even if people spoke about it.

But unlike Yu Jinsan, who never left the topic for further conflict, Dong-gu was a soft-hearted man.

“Even so… isn’t it a bit too harsh? What happened is unfair, but all we want is an apology from them, not revenge.”

Looking at Dong-gu’s face, it was clear he wasn’t lying or acting.

Yu Jinsan, observing him, clicked his tongue in irritation.

“You are such a fool. In this situation, do you really think they would go down on their knees and beg? There’s only one way for your family to survive.”

“…What is that?”

“From now on, we must destroy those people to the point where no one dares step in here again. At least until their next generation, no one should dare come near.”

“But there must be some who have ties with the Hahu Sect. What if they ask for help?”

“Kangho isn’t as naive as you imagine. There’s no force out there that would risk their lives for a falling one. Above all, they have no reason to act.”

Yu Jinsan knew that fact much better than anyone else. In a world where loyalty was paramount in Kangho, why did his family end up dead? Why did he have to flee, despite the injustice?

Furthermore, considering the deeds of the Hahu family, they certainly didn’t have a good reputation. And there was another reason Yu Jinsan had made this decision.

With their current actions, their identity would soon be exposed.

If rumors of the Yin Yang Twins in the Hunan region spread, then the Murim Alliance would act. Such rumors would make it impossible to keep those with him alive.

It was best to conceal their identity for now and complete the task with Shaolin.

“I will trust you then.”

“You must ensure that all the family members control what they say. I would prefer that Seol’s existence and mine remain a secret. If that’s revealed, the family head will be furious.”

“Just trust me. It’s not a simple matter. Our family’s honor is worth more than gold to us.”

“In all my life, I have never met anyone as soft-spoken as you. But let’s set things aside for now and get some fresh air.”

After leaving the manor, the two surveyed the surroundings, but their intention wasn’t merely to stroll.

Yu Jinsan was scrutinizing the land. They only resumed walking after ensuring a safe distance.

“Seol should be with our father by now. Let’s go.”


Was this what he expected? As they approached the place where the family head was staying, the sweet and savory aromas entered his nose.

When Dong-gu opened the door, he witnessed a shocking scene.

A feast lay on the table, with Yu Seol at its center.

He couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing her cheeks all puffed up. Yu Seol, facing her grandfather, signaled for him to come closer.

“Woah! Come and sit. There’s nice food.”

As soon as she finished gulping down the food, a white-haired old woman fed her more.

Even the people in the shrine weren’t treated this kindly.

Dong Woon-geol had the brightest smile watching her eat.

The Dong family head noticed that Yu Seol was a Grandmaster.

It was something that couldn’t normally be understood, but he couldn’t deny it since he had witnessed it with his own eyes.

Now, what was there to be afraid of? Dong Woon-geol must be feeling as such.

“Dong-gu. This all feels like a dream now. If this is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up. I keep thinking, but I don’t understand how such amazing kids came from you.”

“Father, seriously. Just what do…”

Instead of answering, Dong Woon-geol looked at Yu Jinsan.

“San, come here.”

Yu Jinsan, who wasn’t hungry, tried to decline.

“I am fine, though.”

“No. Come and rub the shoulders of your sister.”


For a second, Yu Jinsan thought he had heard wrong.

Massage the shoulders of his granddaughter? It was something he had never even thought of.

“If one wants to lighten their body, the best way is to massage the shoulders so that the blood flow is perfect. Wouldn’t a massage with your small hands be better than my rough old hands?”


Yu Jinsan didn’t like it, but he stood behind Yu Seol.

It still made no sense to him why he had to do this to his granddaughter.

And as he began to massage her shoulders, Yu Seol’s expression softened.

Her eyes slowly dilated, and her lips parted. She must be feeling refreshed.

After some time, his granddaughter gently extended her left arm with closed eyes.

“Arms too.”

When Yu Jinsan hesitated, Dong Woon-geol spoke with a half-serious look.

“Go ahead and do as your sister tells you.”

If things continued like this, he felt like they would tell him to massage her feet too.

Yu Jinsan, who quietly massaged her arms, glanced at Dong-gu.

“Father, even so, our San is having a hard time. Why don’t you give him some rest?”

Yu Jinsan and Dong-gu closed their mouths and began to massage Yu Seol’s body.

Had her body become tired? His granddaughter leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Dong Woon-geol went a step further and signaled for everyone to be silent to create an environment where Yu Seol could sleep comfortably.

A feeling of anger came over them, but they couldn’t stop now.

It was after they were sure she was asleep.

As the right time arrived, Dong-gu brought up the matter, listening to Yu Jinsan.

“At best, after one o’clock, those people will come rushing in. Shouldn’t we get ready now?”

“Right. We need to prepare to handle them.”

“No, father. I have planned something, so just rest there.”

“What plan?”

Dong Woon-geol looked on, wondering what plan they could have made.

It was sad for his father to entirely ignore him when they finally met after a long time, but it wasn’t the time to discuss this.

“These are the kids who learned the skills of the Sword Saint. Thus, it is advantageous to make a surprise attack head-on.”

“Dong-gu. Even if they are disciples of such a man, how can we leave all the tasks to them? I will handle the situation. If it comes to this, I will fight alongside them.”

Dong-gu sighed as if he were frustrated.

How could an old man fight when his body had already lost its feel and movement?

And they had no relationship either.

This was just them being formal, and there was no reason to get the old man’s permission to execute the plan.

“Father, just stay here. All you need to do is check the results.”

“What? Where did you learn that? Talking back to your father…”

Dong-gu didn’t care about his father’s words and shouted.

“We are running out of time, so hurry up!”

Yu Jinsan and Yu Seol jumped out of their chairs as if they had been waiting for this.

As if on cue, the two headed out the door simultaneously and vanished at the speed of light.


Were they flustered by the unexpected reaction?

They heard the family head scold Dong-gu behind them.

“You crazy bastard! What have you gone and done!?”

Yu Jinsan and his granddaughter, who had rushed from the manor, came face to face with a wall.

“What do we do? Mister Dong-gu will be scolded.”

“He will be fine; don’t worry. Do you think a son would be mistreated?”

Yu Seol nodded and repeatedly rolled her shoulders, feeling the stiffness easing.

“So refreshing. Next time, I’ll give you a massage too.”

“Forget it, child. You’ve done well for your grandpa already.”

Without Body Reformation, he wouldn’t have known the details, but now, Yu Jinsan could control his body’s state comfortably.


Was it because it was cute to see the granddaughter trying to calm his anger with a smile? Yu Jinsan didn’t say anything more.

“Let’s get ready now.”

“Right, what do we prepare now?”

“Grandpa has this plan, so do as I tell you.”

About a couple of miles to the south of Dong County.

A group of people was running along this trail.

One swift movement. It was a speed that couldn’t be achieved unless one was among the best.

In the lead, a white-haired old man clutching a sword was gritting his teeth with a frown.

“Today, I will cut off their limbs.”

It was the Hahu family’s leader, Hahu Geuk.

Behind him, the best of the family warriors followed in line.

All their faces frowned. They looked enraged.

After a while, the manor of the Dong family came into view, just a short distance away.

They had no choice but to stop their advance. This was because a child was blocking their path, holding a bamboo spear.


While the family head led the way, assessing the situation, Yu Jinsan was the first to speak.

“You disgusting bastards. If you have children who are precious, you should know that other people’s kids are equally precious.”

Anger was visible on the warriors’ faces.

If they could, they would have approached and killed them at once, but something had stopped them.

From behind, a red-robed warrior stepped forward and pointed a finger.

“That is the one. He killed our young master.”

“Oh my, I just said it now! Looking at you, covered in dung, getting angry, the term ‘violent warfare’ fits you perfectly!”

A deep look of killing intent filled Hahu Geuk’s eyes.

His lips trembled as if his anger had reached its peak.

“… how dare you kill my sons?”

It was a situation where fear would have been easy, but Yu Jinsan only provoked his opponent further.

“Oh my. You are the father of those idiots. Why are you angry at me for educating those kids?”

“From now on, I will show you that the sky is high. And that starts with ripping out your tongue.”

Hahu Geuk grabbed his sword and walked toward Yu Jinsan.

He truly had the strength to be the family head. The sense of intimidation he gave with each step was at the Supermaster level, both in name and reality.

He was an enemy whose victory was always guaranteed. And he had 20 more men with him.

It was a force that Yu Jinsan could not overcome alone, but that had nothing to do with it.

Yu Jinsan took a step back and shouted urgently.

“Now is the time, Seol! Come out and knock them all down!”

Sensing something strange, the warriors of the Hahu family looked around.

“Has the other person suddenly gone insane?”

They were confused, but then they discovered something that shocked them.


Shockingly, there was someone behind them.

It was a girl who looked very angry.

When had she arrived? Even though she was right behind them, no one had noticed.

After a moment, the child slowly raised the bamboo stick in her hand and asked.

“… did you just say you were going to rip my grandpa’s tongue out? Huh?!”

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