Episode 77

How To Put The Flame Out (1)
4 months ago
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No matter how strong the Hahu family was in the region, it wasn’t a power that could rival the Five Great Families.

They couldn’t possibly confront the Yin Yang Twin Monsters on their own, especially when the twins caused chaos in Shaanxi.


Yu Seol’s form vanished from everyone’s sight.


The warriors of the Hahu family were shocked. No one could track the child’s movements.

As they looked around, bewildered, Yu Seol was already swinging the bamboo stick she was holding with both hands.



One warrior’s back arched like a bow, and he was sent flying into the air by the force.

Everyone’s mouths fell open at the sight of a dozen warriors being knocked off their feet and crashing to the ground with a single hit.

And the moment they scrambled to recover, two more fell.


The warriors of the True Blood Sword troops had unfocused eyes and limp bodies.

No one had even seen the attack. The movement and speed were overwhelming.

Instantly, everyone realized that the warrior before them was on a completely different level.

With each breath, they fell without even understanding what was happening.

The situation was beyond anyone’s comprehension.

As the attacks continued, so did the screams of pain.

Puak! Puak! Ack!


Perhaps the difference in skill was too great? Yu Seol didn’t even need to use enhanced qi or any special techniques.

Any warrior struck by the stick became incapable of fighting back.

As the warriors’ will to fight dwindled, Hahu Geuk pressed them on to fight harder.

“Everyone, catch him first!”

Hahu Geuk’s gaze was directed at Yu Jinsan.

Seemingly aiming to take the weaker opponent hostage, the clan’s elite warriors began to rush at him, disregarding their defense.

However, Yu Jinsan was not an opponent to be underestimated.

“You think I’m easy prey?!”

Yu Jinsan’s weapon was a bamboo spear, its tip sharpened for the sole purpose of killing.

Unlike his granddaughter, who subdued her enemies without killing, there was no mercy in his hands.

The fierce air trembled at the spear’s tip, splitting dozens of branches as it swept across the land.


A ray of light rose diagonally from Hahu Geuk’s sword as he faced the technique.


The first clash occurred.

While Hahu Geuk took a step back, so did Yu Jinsan.

Although they seemed to have the upper hand, the situation wasn’t favorable for them. Before Yu Jinsan could correct his form, two more warriors rushed at him from the left and right.

Hahu Byeok, who served as the next leader of the Hahu family, and Hahu Mu, the first son of the head, were the strongest warriors in the clan.

In the moment of crisis, Yu Jinsan turned his form around.

Kwakang! Kwakang!

Hahu Byeok and Hahu Mu hesitated for a moment and stepped back as Hahu Geuk charged in.

Yu Jinsan managed to defend himself against his attack without retreating.

Bang! Kwang! Kwang!!

With two fighting and defending, sparks flew, and Hahu Byeok and Hahu Mu rejoined the fray.

Eventually, Yu Jinsan, now encircled in a triangular formation, had to swing his spear to survive.

One super master and two master-level warriors. Handling the attacks of all three simultaneously was not easy, especially when they coordinated their assault.

It was a moment of crisis, but he did not fall. After all, was he not a member of a spear-wielding family?

When he calmly blocked the enemies’ approach, it was astounding.

Kwakang! Kwakang! Kwakang! Kwakang!

But he couldn’t hold out indefinitely. As time passed, Yu Jinsan’s form gradually deteriorated.

He was soon pushed to the brink.

Finally, he lost his patience and shouted in anger.

“Child, Grandpa is going to die here!!!”

It was then, as he finished saying that, he felt a strong qi rushing toward him.

There, a bamboo stick, engulfed in enhanced qi, spun and moved.


A tremendous martial arts technique that seemed to shatter anything.

Hahu Geuk, who was pressing Yu Jinsan from the front, had no choice but to twist his upper body and swing his sword.


He felt a tingling sensation in his wrist.

Hahu Geuk didn’t even have time to think about it; he was just shocked. This was because the bamboo stick rushed in, and Yu Seol, who should have been on the other side, was approaching, stepping through the air.

The ground was filled with nothing but the sight of their family members scattered around. He couldn’t believe she had defeated the best of their family in such a short time.

The child’s eyebrows frowned, as if she were angry.

Even if she tolerated the other things, the words of those saying they would kill her grandfather were unforgivable.

‘Walking on the air, how could such a warrior be in the Dong family…?’

A footwork technique that he wouldn’t even dare to imitate.

Hahu Geuk’s eyes were full of doubt, but it was too late for regrets.

At that moment, Yu Seol’s right hand was wide open. And the bamboo stick, which was far away, rushed in and went straight into her hand.


Hahu Geuk, who was watching this, prepared to attack, without even thinking. No, it was more than that; he had no confidence to stop her. A terrible punishment was imminent.

Before he knew it, Yu Seol was ready to strike with the bamboo stick in her hand, as if she were cutting firewood.


Unparalleled Destruction of the World—the Yu family’s spear technique known to hold the most destructive force.

Looking at the bamboo pole bending back due to the force, Hahu Geuk clenched his teeth.

At the same time, qi rushed out of the tip of his sword as it moved toward the sky.

The moment the two clashed, a roar enough to shake the land and heavens resounded.



A groan escaped against his will.

Thick dust spread around like ripples in water. Below, Hahu Geuk’s lower body was buried in the ground up to his knees.

He felt the qi and blood within his body twist at the attack. Surely, he had sustained multiple internal injuries.

But when could he catch his breath?

Yu Seol’s attacks were already relentless.

With his feet anchored, unable to move from the force of the attack, he couldn’t even balance himself, so all he could do was swing his sword in defense.

Kwakang! Kwakang!

It looked like he was enduring it, but it was only for a moment.

Both of his hands went weak in the next instant. Another breath passed before the first hit landed on his chest.



What followed was just a one-sided slaughter.

As if striking a piece of cloth with a washing stick, Yu Seol, fueled by rage, expressed it through her actions.

Puak! Chak! Crack!

Hahu Geuk, having given up on defending himself, continued to take hits.

Even though he tried to control his qi to prevent himself from being killed, his body was gradually giving in.

How much had he been hit? She remained furious because, no matter how many times she struck, her anger didn’t subside.

“Enough now.”

Yu Jinsan approached from where Hahu Byeok and Hahu Mu had been taken care of.


Yu Seol could only calm down when her enraged mind took in the sight of her grandfather. And it was to confirm that he wasn’t injured anywhere.

Yu Jinsan patted her on the shoulder and turned to the Hahu family head.

“You did well. Now that Grandpa is also fine, go and call Mister Dong-gu.”


As she began to walk away, Yu Jinsan called out.

“Come back slowly!”

The child disappeared, leaving him alone, with everything around him a mess.

The best of the Hahu family lay scattered all around, not a single one left to fight.

Everyone looked terrible, with their arms and legs all tangled. Among them, the family head appeared to be the worst off.

The old man’s face, clear through his white hair, was all swollen as if bees had stung him.

“Just… just who are you people?”

“The Yin Yang Twin Monsters.”


He said, but it seemed like the man had not heard of them yet. This meant the rumors about them had not reached Hunan yet.

One day they would come, but today was not going to be that day.

“Any last words?”

“…Save them. My kids, at least.”

“A person who understands the preciousness of his own kids ends up considering the kids of another family as insects to step on? You killed one person every three days in front of their very parents. That could have been it.”


“I know it well. If one has strength, destroying the family of another isn’t so tough.”

“It was all my fault. So just…”

Yu Jinsan mumbled as he picked up the sword.

“Casual retribution or karma. It’s my favorite word, you know. It’s also the first thing I made sure to teach my granddaughter. Watch everything from hell, then. See how your family gets ruined.”

“Th-this cannot be…”

“Oh my…”

The reinforcements from the Dong family arrived.

Ten members of the family, along with the family head and his two sons, were all shocked.

The best of the Hahu family all lay cold in the center, with Yu Jinsan alone.

The youngest child, Dong Seok, ran ahead and looked at the corpses.

“Hahu Byeok and Hahu Mu are there as well!”

“Them too?”

Who here didn’t know those names?

They were, in name and truth, the skilled ones, the strongest in the Hahu family.

Everyone who was looking at the bodies gathered in one place. The only thing missing was one corpse.

They looked, but they couldn’t identify one.

“Who is this one?”

“It seems like he was hit too hard before dying.”

Parts of the body were exposed through the clothes.

Some searched through the robe for a nameplate.

And when they saw the name written there, there was a shocked sound.

“Ha-Hahu Geuk!”

Everyone who heard that soon felt calm.

They thought it was impossible, but even the head of the family was caught? The most feared person by the Dong family was dead?

An old man approached Dong Woon-geol with tears in his eyes.

The head of the family, with a flushed face, held Yu Seol in his left arm.

“Hyung, it is all over now. They have all been punished.”

Dong Woon-geol nodded and glanced at Yu Seol.

“…you did that?”

Yu Seol couldn’t answer right away. This was because she had only hit them, not killed them.

At that time, Yu Jinsan took the lead.

“Right. My sister knocked them all down, so I had to help.”

At that moment, hot tears flowed down the eyes of the family head. The sadness and despair he had endured must have surfaced.

“Wonderful. My children, you are…”

Dong-gu, who had been watching his father sob, hugging the grandkids, cautiously approached him.

“You have been through a lot, Father. From now on, you can let go of your concerns.”

“My my, you all did good, my son. You raised your kids really well.”

Dong-gu, who had rarely been praised by his father since his youth, couldn’t take the praise with a happy look.

“Well, I had done nothing at all.”

“No. I am truly proud of you, Dong-gu.”

Dong Woon-geol hugged Dong-gu right then, with both Yu Jinsan and Yu Seol in his arms.

But how could Dong-gu be the only child liking it?

Dong Seok, who was watching this, shook his head with a happy smile and then made sure to gather the corpses in one place.

“Ugh, I couldn’t even help the kids, so I will dispose of the corpses. I need to do this to not get kicked out of the home.”

A joke that he could finally use with peace of mind.

And the people around couldn’t help but laugh at that. The worry on their faces had vanished, replaced by bright smiles.

It was the first time since the incident began that the family smiled like this.

The next morning, at Forever Asleep Hall in the Dong family manor.

The family head burned incense in the hall where they performed the ancestral rites.

There were six people present. The five brothers and their deceased family matriarch, who had died due to unlawful persecution by the Hahu family.

“Do not worry about this place anymore. Just leave with peace of mind. Just as in this world, in the afterlife, the Hyungs will maintain good ties and take care of your mother.”

Dong Woon-geol poured a glass of alcohol in front of the wall. After that, he walked out to find several family members talking with serious expressions.

Dong Seok, the youngest, approached and spoke slowly.

“Everyone is waiting, Father.”

“…Has it been that long already?”

“You might not want to, but you need to let them go now.”

Dong Woon-geol’s face was dark. He seemed unable to let go of his grandchildren.

“How long has it been since we met that they’re going to leave again…?”

“You heard from the Third Hyung that they have to follow in the footsteps of their master and embark on the training. These kids will need to grow up well and be healthy, but their growth in this home will be very limited, Father.”

“…I guess so. They are too much for us to hold onto.”

But tears were in his eyes.

If he could, the old man would watch the kids every day. However, he couldn’t hold back the children’s growth because of his greed.

At the entrance, Dong-gu and the children stood with their luggage all packed.

All the family members waited for the family head to arrive.

“Let me hug my beautiful grandkids once.”

Dong Woon-geol, who held Yu Seol in his arms, constantly patted her to calm her.

“Grandpa, I will come to visit again~.”

“Ah, of course, you have to. Come back here any time, my child.”

Yu Jinsan saw no need to avoid the man’s touch. He had been through all sorts of things until now, so there was no longer any reason to refuse it.

“Just be healthy, Grandpa.”

“Yes. San, don’t cause trouble, and listen to your sister.”


It took a long time to say goodbye since the old man didn’t want to leave the kids.

“Then I will be back, Father.”

“Yes, Dong-gu. Take the kids to the place they have to go and come back.”


The three of them turned around and walked out of the village in silence for a while.

Yu Jinsan and his granddaughter were also lost in thought.

It was a short time, but did they feel affection for them? For some reason, they felt sad.

It was only after a good while that Dong-gu broke the silence and spoke.

“It is dizzying to even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t met Seol and the elder that day.”

Yu Jinsan looked at Dong-gu and smiled meaningfully.

“This is also fate, and it is the will of heaven. How are you feeling?”

“I just feel sick to the stomach. Well, where do we go now?”

Yu Jinsan looked at the distant mountain and spoke softly.

“Take the lead. To the place where the Hahu Sect is.”

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