185 Episodes

I Became the Only Magicless Person in the Academy

But it seems like I might be able to handle it.

159 Episodes

I Was Thrown Into an Unfamiliar Manga

'Scramble Love', a blockbuster Japanese rom-com manga with over 10 million copies sold. I've somehow found myself inside this manga, one I've never even read before. And not just as any character, but as a minor, almost irrelevant extra.

100 Episodes

From Cosmic Rascal to Professor

I found myself relegated to the role of a third-rate villain in a cosmic horror web novel. Despite my shortcomings, I'm determined to undertake research, even if it means sacrificing all of my family's assets. “A Graviton Bomb?” It appears to be the only viable method to vanquish the Outer Gods.

85 Episodes

I Became a Cheat-Level Munchkin 5★ Character

《Gonis Archive Life》 'GAL' for short. I found myself possessed into the world of this game. Not only that, but I became a 5★ character from the very start, The only male character with ridiculously OP abilities.