257 Episodes

Ascension Through Skills

The labyrinth that swallowed humanity. Four choices were given to them. Easy Mode, where anyone can survive. Normal Mode, where only those who fight survive. Hard Mode, where only 1% can survive. And the Solo Mode, where only one person survived. The strongest returnee of humanity, Kang Taesan, was an Easy Mode player. He heard countless times, “What if you had chosen the Hard Mode, or even the Normal Mode?” Regretting his cowardly choice while dying amidst destruction, he gets another chance to choose. “This time, I won’t make the wrong choice.” The strongest Easy Mode player has returned.

121 Episodes

The Archmage's Restaurant

Ellison, who had been active as a 9th-class magician after falling into another world, made an unusual choice upon retirement: he decided to open a small restaurant in the countryside. However, the daily life of this restaurant is anything but ordinary... In the room on the second floor of Ellison's restaurant lives none other than a polymorphed black dragon, Rurin! "You there! Is the meal ready yet?!" The cheerful and heartwarming story of the continent's strongest 9th-class magician and a well-fed, well-rested black dragon running a restaurant!