210 Episodes

I Became the Academy’s Kibitz Villain

As I was writing a brutal review of a popular Nationalistic Superpower Light Novel, I was made to possess a character in it! I then joined an evil organization and was given one mission. To seduce the Heroine. “Oh, that’s not how you should use this power.” As I started to advise the heroines on how to wield their power, things began to go wrong.

126 Episodes

I Became the Only Magicless Person in the Academy

But it seems like I might be able to handle it.

41 Episodes

Bamboo Forest Manager

It's an anonymous community, please don't get your identity exposed. **Staff description** Dive into the intriguing world of 'Bamboo Forest,' an anonymous online forum at Gahyeon University. The protagonist, its mysterious administrator, navigates a web of secrets, managing confessions and crises of fellow students. Amidst this, a curious suspicion arises about Seo Yerin, a prominent student, potentially unraveling hidden layers of the online and offline university life. This novel blends anonymity, community dynamics, and the delicate balance between public personas and private thoughts, promising a compelling journey through the complexities of modern student life.

13 Episodes

The Reincarnate Became a Professor at the Academy

After I gave some advice, they told me to become a professor.